Myspace is for losers!

I was at the bar about a week ago, no surprise, and an older waitress said Myspace was for losers. It had me thinking is myspace, and in proxy these other networking site for losers. Personally I like the fact where I got a spot on the internet where I can keep in touch with people, and more importantly keep track of some of my favorite local bands, and musical artists, with that added bonus of putting up a stupid ass comment on someone I knows Myspace page. I think Myspace as well as for the internet has a bad side and a good side. The bad side is plagued with porn, the pediophiles, the hackers, etc. The good side has well you normal people who just want to surf the web, and veg out.  The internet is a tool no more no less, like a chainsaw most people use them to cut down trees, then there’s others who go on a murderous rampage a la texas chainsaw massacre. So if I use a chainsaw to cut up bodies does that make the chainsaw inherently evil. I think we can bring the same argument to gun control, but I won’t go there yet. My point is because some losers use Myspace, does that make me a loser by proxy? I do get this sense maybe I am that guy where I use to bounce back in the day at a 21+ aged people danceclub who’s a 50+ year old with a vest that says “Dr. Love” on it, true story, something about it don’t seem right. I get the sense maybe it’s time to find something a little more mature.

In other news today while I am at work I noticed in my email a 4000 dollar price to do a google mash up from

A google mashup is a procedure where you use java to include the google map api interface to show where some location is. It involves some java coding. Here’s an example.

I was reading the basic coding principles of this, and all I know is dang it’s been a while since I coded, but for a chance 4000 dollars heck i might give it a stab, even though i don’t see the fucking point of it.

One Response to “Myspace is for losers!”

  1. Good call, Rivs. I totally agree. Besides, that cranky old broad probably said MySpace is for losers because her husband found his high school sweetheart on it, they started talking and decided to run away together. Heh. Anyway, we should thank haters, naysayers and narrow-minded people–it gives us material to write about!


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