Ok I have an addictive personality, I fought many demons about it. My newest one is World of Warcraft. Now its better then some addictions like oh lets say crack. It doesn’t in fact ruin my social life, like I rather stay in and play then actually go out an enjoy myself, but ALOT of my freetime is eaten up by this addiction, time best used for a more productive pursuit like learning how to play a guitar. Sad thing is when I get bored with it, and think about quitting something takes my interest again.  My current obsession is my 70 rogue, quite impressive full pvp gear, combat specced, general bad ass well at least I thought until I ran into a level 70 warlock. Damn he bent me over and did me raw, ouch.  Those warlocks are WAY to overpowered it’s scary.

So now I think i might level a warlock.

Oh by the way if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and you don’t play world of warcraft don’t worry about this post isn’t for you.


2 Responses to “Warcrack”

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