Getting Married

So I decided after years of being single that it was time to grow up, and get married. Late last night I surfed the internet and got me a russian bride. She should be here 3-6 weeks. She says she likes to cook, clean, and pick up my underwear off the floor. Who am I to deny her that pleasure. I think this is a real step forward for me. It’s like having a maid, but cheaper….and hotter. Now she doesn’t speak any english, so if she does get mad at me I won’t understand a word she is saying.  I’m sure she will love the pile of hay I got her to sleep in the corner of the garage. I can’t wait to show her off to my buddies as she cooks us all our gametime meals.  If she gets out of line the website says it’s ok to beat her with a switch, which is a lil over the top. I’ll just deny her sex.

Pick yours up today….

3 Responses to “Getting Married”

  1. readswc Says:

    I have met two genuine article Russian mail-order brides. Wow, is it surreal.

  2. theeriver Says:

    April Fools 😉

  3. Thank God I am not Russian…

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