“I got a gun for my wife, it was a good trade” – bumper sticker

I dont want this blog to really become a forum of religon or politics, but these topics are everywhere. So if we can’t discuss something then we might as well build a Thunderdome* to dispute our differences.

The other day I read that Chicago students were rallying for better gun control laws. Now I am by no means a gun nut, yes I use to own one. I do believe in the right to own one. Here’s my main reason I don’t like gun control laws, most handguns that are used in crimes are owned by people who obtained them illegally. The only crimes that these guns are usually gotten legally are the sensational ones the ones that gunned down 13 people. So are gun control laws going to keep the guns out of criminals? No. Lets face it their criminals are they going to be worried about stealing a gun, or obtaining a gun illegally if they want to rob a bank.  Are gun control laws going to keep the guns out of the nut jobs that want to kill everyone on the school campus? I don’t think so either, if your that committed, and nuts you’ll find a way. So with stronger gun control laws who’s the only one left defenseless? Joe average citizen.

Now I am not saying guns are good or bad. They are inanimate objects, a tool. The only thing that is bad, or good is the acts they are used for. In my humble opinion the  key I think to better gun control is not more laws is…

#1- Education – Educated people know violence doesn’t solve anything. Educate people on the warning signs of mental illiness, and things to watch out for when trying to spot a serial killer, terrorist, etc. etc. Also the biggest users of guns are the poor, and people that have no hope an educated person has a better chance of pulling themselves and seeing things aren’t so bad, work through their issues.

#2-Stronger Sense of Community – We go through life with blinders on, and we no longer care what our neighbor does. I think we lost that hometown USA feel we use to have. If we were involved, and invested with each other as Americans we would know that Bill’s kid is acting strange, and maybe we should have a chat with Bill.

#3- Fear –  If I was a criminal I would be fearful of robbing a bank thinking that some joe citizen hard head might be packing a gun too. Make it legal to carry a conceal weapon, because we know criminals are carrying one whether it’s against the law or not. Also more severe punishments for crimes committed with crimes. This drives me nuts, actually carry out death sentences on prisoners. Yes I said it if a prisoner gets the death sentence kill him, and quit wasting my tax money. If I had a legal system that is actually scary i might not commit a crime.

*Thunderdome – The Place in the Movie Mad Max : Beyond Thunderdome where two parties fight to death to work out their differences. “Two men enter, One man Leaves”

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