Meet River, an ordinary man in the twilight zone.

Ed Glosser the trivial psychic is closer to home for me then you realize. Don’t know what I’m talking about watch this video.

I never claimed to be sane, though I have papers that say I am. Do you? I also never claimed to be very religious. I do believe in God though, whatever you call him Buddha, Allah, Joe, or The Force. I believe in more then this physical world. I can’t prove it to you. I just know. Like knowing that if I drop a ball it will fall to the ground. I also believe in fate, destiny, and that there is a pre-determined plan for me.

Let me explain, my life is filled with some weird goings on, so much so that I’m waiting for Rod Serling to pop out to give me a monologue that I’m trapped in the twilight zone. Once in a while I have these dreams. These dreams are about 5 minutes to 10 minutes in length. They have a surreal quality to them, and they are always quite mundane and stupid, but they always come true. For example first time it happened I was a young kid, I dreamed that I went to a pool party, saw people I never seen before, and this person gave me a snorkel and mask. This 10 minute episode came absolutely true right down to the color of the mask and snorkel. I dreamed the whole 10 minute segment. The list goes on I would dream a 5-10 minute segment of the future, then that thing would come to pass. Weird I know, the real fucked up thing about it, it’s always mundane stupid shit. Like a conversation, or me just shopping for something.  Pretty fucked up, but it has led me to believe that this thing called fate may have something to it, though as much as I try to fight it the idea. I want to hope that I forge my own destiny, that I am not a prisoner shackled to some future I don’t want. Alas sometimes things happen that lead me to realize I am a prisoner, and that I am a slave of fate.

Nora who I got into blogging because of her. I have not seen her in years then one random happenstance I see her at a bar.  Not too strange we talk, we conversate, she inspired me to do this blog here. Now mind you I haven’t seen nor heard from Nora in years. So yesterday after work I fixed my cousins computer, after that I wanted a Big Mickey burger from Mickeys, but decided to have a beer with my friends at Durbins, I had one and left. Then I stopped had one with my friends at J.W. Holdstiens, then left went to Mickeys. Now the Drive Thru was empty, but I decided to go in and get my food. Lo’ and behold I see Nora again. If I deviated from any of my goings on that for 10 minutes, I would of missed her.

After not seeing her for years, she comes back in my life. Not only once, but twice in a span of weeks. I don’t know what it means yet, I don’t know what to make of it. All I know is I’m waiting for Rod Serling to pop out.

One Response to “Meet River, an ordinary man in the twilight zone.”

  1. It means we’re supposed to be writing, River. It’s confirmation that the conversation we started yesterday is the real deal and the things we think about deserve exploration.

    It was weird, especially because I was reading Mitchell’s response to our posts.

    It was like full-circle and totally cool. To me, it served as a reminder that it’s not Men vs. Women. We’re all in this together, and the weirdness of reading Mitchell’s words referring to our posts … while looking at you! Ha! It just makes me think we hit upon something very cool yesterday.

    Keep writing, River. See you around town …


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