Rough seas ahead, matey.

No it’s not talk like a pirate day. I was thinking this morning about our economy. Even if you lived under a rock you are being affected by the current state of affairs. Gas is damn near $3.50 a gallon in my area, higher in others. People losing their jobs left and right, and people losing their houses as well.

Where is this going? I hear people talk about another depression. I don’t know about you but if I got to wait in a soup line there will be heads rolling in congress. We’ve been in a recession I believe, and I think things will get worse before they get better.

I am not an economist, nor some financial wizard, so I couldn’t tell you a bull market, from a bull’s butthole. I do know is I am, like most Americans are feeling the pinch. Sure I can harp on the ill’s of our consumer driven American society, and I was going to, but I am but a small cog in a grander wheel. I do my part where I can, and thats all any of us can do. So what would be the purpose of listing whats wrong with this country.

Let me tell you what’s great about this country, I don’t have a warlord holding an AK-47 to my head telling me I can’t eat today, I am not sitting in a sand hut with flies all over me, I am not in a gulag type prison in the middle of Siberia for stealing a loaf of bread. Yeah things are rough, and crap is going to get more rough. You know what we’ll work on getting through these issues together as Americans, and we’ll pull through, and be better for it.

So heads up people, lets tighten are finacial belts, get our work boots on, and lets fricking dig ourselves out, cause there isn’t going to be anyone to bail us out.

Incidentally, Sept 19th is talk like a pirate day…ARRRGGH, me hearteys.

One Response to “Rough seas ahead, matey.”

  1. readswc Says:

    You’re right, River. Things aren’t that bad. Yet. But if we keep on being complacent ignoramuses (ignoramusii?) we could be looking at some bad shit, brother.


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