I think your a douchebag.

Ok not really, but someone close to me commented that I was too critical of people that I don’t know very well, like strangers or people I just met. I was mulling this over this morning as I was on an elliptical machine. I think I am too critical of others, and that’s because of several reasons.


1.    I’m critical of myself, when I do something stupid or wrong I beat myself up way too much. I would rather work out problems on my own, rather then burden someone with my problem.

2.    I treat others with a modicum of respect, and courtesy, of course I joke around with friends. Sometimes they don’t get my dry or smartass type humor, and do get offended. For the most part I respect others, and demand that others should do the same.

3.    I have become judgmental, in the years of bouncing I really seen the bad side of people a lot, so this has made me somewhat jaded I believe.

4.    I am not empathetic enough. I really don’t care about your little issues, or problems. No matter what’s going on in your life doesn’t give you the right to be a jack off. Also no one loves a complainer, either do I. Go somewhere else.

5.    I am not in touch with my emotions. What are these things call emotions?

Has me being critical, and untrustworthy has kept a lot of people at arms distance away from me? Sure it has. I think it saved me a lot of times from people not worth my time, or effort though, and it also could of helped a lot of people, saved them a lot of heartbreak, time, and pain if they only listened to me.

One time a woman who worked with me, a dear friend. Told me she met a guy. He was wonderful, but as she explained him further to me the guy sounded peculiar in some of his dealings. My gut told me that he was hiding something, and told her he was married. Sure as shit, she was crying in my office one morning, and told me I was right. He was married.

Sure I can be nicer, and more forgiving of strangers and let them get to know me, but then I believe in the quality of my friends, not the quantity.


One Response to “I think your a douchebag.”

  1. readswc Says:

    Somewhere along the line, being judgmental became a bad thing. I think everyone’s line, everyone’s tolerance for bullshit, is different and the best thing to do when someone rubs you even slightly the wrong way is to keep civil but distant–unless you have to say, “I don’t like you and don’t want to deal with you in any way, thanks.”

    When I make a judgment on a person, I’m not calling them good or bad, I’m deciding whether they’re good or bad for me. I think everyone has a right to make that call. Unless we’re stuck because we have to work with, or are related to, people we don’t like, we get to pick who we see and who we spend time with.

    I’ve always known you to be kind, River, and I don’t think you make your judgments other people’s problem. If your friends are giving you shit for being too critical, they might just be afraid of how you feel about them.


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