Welcome to Thunderdome!!!!

The world is ending…..America is in recession, rampant teenagers are killing by the masses, disease is running rampant, and the weather is melting the snow caps.


Nora a friend of mine posted this on her blog.




Which started a debate on societies degradation. My point is how can you degrade something that really wasn’t there. Society to me is a thin veneer that we use to work together to make sure we achieve our goals in life, and basically those goals for at least us Americans are life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  If you punch me, or steal my car jack no matter what society says, or laws I’m going to try to defend myself, and my goal won’t be just to teach you a lesson.


In my argument I put the cheerleader act, on the same level as a barbarian act of raping and pillaging. Which in truth though not as severe as a rape or atrocity like that, both are acts of violence perpetrated. Violence in my mind is still violence. Just because one side is right, and one side is wrong doesn’t make violence ok, because right and wrong are subjective.  


Life is perspective I have been known to say. Lets fast forward a thousand years and lets say historians discover the youtube video of cheerleader beating up someone. We have a bunch of teenage girls in the same uniform, beating up a person not in the same uniform, because of the derogatory comments the person in the non-uniform said. You could easily switch out teenage girls with Nazi Youth, and you got a picture of what German kids did to jewish kids  in the early 1940’s. Lack of understanding or remorse, 6 million jews dead, where was the remorse or understanding when they were herded into box cars.


Violence for entertainment is not a new concept by far. I hear tell that the Romans loved their violence. I think Russell said it best, “ Are you not entertained?”  What makes the coliseum so more different then youtube?  We as humans are a species of voyeurs always have been.


I just want to pipe in about a few other things because I want to denounce these Chicken Littles right now. America is in recession, I am not standing on soup lines yet so quit your bitching, we had a fricking depression before, and my grandparents lived through it. I think we can too. Diseases running rampant, they had something called the black plague where people died so much they were thrown in the streets. I didn’t pass any corpses on the curb on my way to work. Oh and global warming bullshit, that pisses me off. Man in his infinite arrogance thinks we can destroy this planet, we had an Ice Age half the world covered in snow, and ice weren’t no factories around then, don’t you think maybe that pendulum could swing the other way?


The world isn’t becoming a worse place to live, it’s that we are more aware of it now. The world is shrinking, we hear about bad things almost the instant they happen. To me the same bad stuff is happening that has been happening for thousands of years, the only thing that has changed I get to watch it while I eat dinner.


Listen I won’t believe the sky is falling, until I’m standing on a car in a hockey mask like the guy from the movie Road Warrior, asking a bunch of people to walk away from their gas…..just walk away.

7 Responses to “Welcome to Thunderdome!!!!”

  1. “The world isn’t becoming a worse place to live, it’s that we are more aware of it now.”

    Exactly. But wouldn’t you say that the consciousness of it should make it more unacceptable?

    I get your point in this post. As a rebuttal to Nora’s, though, I’d have to say you made her point out to be a bit more extreme than she intended, bro.

  2. theeriver Says:

    Extreme? Me? Nevah…ok a tosh 🙂

    How can something be more unacceptable, it is either acceptable, or unacceptable. The act of the cheerleaders is unacceptable whether it was on youtube or not, whether they were cheerleaders or not, whether they were teenagers or not…get where i’m going.

    Oh one thing more, I did like Nora’s term of Rabid Cheerleaders, conjures up all sorts of warm fuzzy imagery.

  3. Honey, my point was simply that it’s alarming how fucking stupid these girls were to VIDEOTAPE AND THEN BROADCAST their deed without taking into account that they might be held accountable. That was my point.

    But then you had to bring in the history of violence in the context of tribal warriors? Uh, not the same thing. Spoiled, educated middle class cheerleaders with a craving for internet fame don’t have a whole stinking lot in common with Samurai warriors or Barbarians sacking Rome.

    If you’re going to commit a crime, how’s about being smart enough to cover your tracks? But of course the moral dilemma gets to me, too.


  4. theeriver Says:

    Criminals always want to be famous. Thats nothing new either.

  5. No, criminals don’t want to be famous; sociopaths with blown up senses of self importance want to be famous.


  6. Oh for my 15 minutes of FAME….I’d look stupid in a cheerleader costume,so I guess I’ll have to pass this time,besides, I don’t want to beat down on anyone…I have a wax doll and very long pins that I use.
    Hopefully the ones that do engage in this type of behavior,and I don’t even want to diminish it by calling it inappropriate,will have some heavy consequences to pay,and those will be carried on YouTube for all to see.But I seriously doubt that will happen, responsibility for ones actions has never been a big news getter.

  7. theeriver Says:

    Yeah I don’t even think that youtube video was 15 minutes, so they fail.

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