Poetry Saturday’s – 2 different flavors from yours truly.

Well it’s Saturday and I use Saturday as a place to put up my poems that I am working on, or showcase poems the I enjoy. Today is an original that I have been toying with. I hope you like it, and I love constructive criticism.

I am usually more of a traditional poet with rhyme and verse this one is a constant work, toying with the freeform. I haven’t quite got it yet, I feel. but I wanted to share it though, and break away from the norm.

Thy Enemy by Christopher “River” Cavelle

I’m face to face,

Staring into your soulless eyes.

My tongue unloads only venom,

“You’re the fault that my life sucks.

Why do you torment me!

Every time my life seems to be going straight,

You destroy it,

with whatever temptation crosses your path”

Now my mouth spills forth only pain,

“I had everything, you wasted it.

Every opportunity, every tool, gone, ground into the dust.

My future scattered upon the four winds, my life shambles.

Why did you fuck my life up…WHY DAMN IT!!, ANSWER ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!

Answer me….Answer me…….Answer.”

Then I remember that mirrors don’t answer back.


I’ll give you now an older poem I wrote. This is more traditional in my eyes, rhyme and form. Not a huge fan of it, but meh

Cruel Mistress by Christopher “River” Cavelle

Chained to the wall, that is my destiny.
Kept by a cruel mistress called Fate.

She shows me both terrible joys, and exquisite misery.
Her whims and onslaught will never abate.

Blindfolded so her designs I cannot see.
The future she has in store for me, I cannot deviate.

It seems I will struggle against my chains for an eternity.
Until another called Death comes to liberate.

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