Diary of a Bouncer – The tears of a deaf girl.

Welcome to the Diary of a Bouncer, as you may or may not know in the few times I had a run in with deaf at the various bars I worked at the situation came to no good.

I use to work at a bar called the Blue Iguana, it was a sports bar that had local bands, and DJ’s. In it’s hey day it drew a pretty good crowd. Well there was a group of deaf people that would come in from time to time, and amongst them was a pretty good looking deaf girl who we will call Tara. Tara was pretty hot, and she could read lips, and talk somewhat. For the most part everyone in this group was well behaved.

Well late one night we were kinda busy, and I was at my post at the front door which was near one of the womens washrooms. A girl came out and said, “Excuse me but I think people are having sex in the womens bathroom”

Now this got to me, how dare they defile my place of business, like animals they couldn’t take it to a car, or motel, or fricking behind the dumpster. But most importantly I was pissed cause they made me do work.

So I knock on the door, no answer, I knock one more time and say I am coming in. I go in, and sure as shit two pair of feet in one stall.

*BOOM* I kick the stall door down, and there is Tara sucking a guys dick, one of the deaf guys. I tell the dude to zip the fuck up, and for them to both get the fuck out. As I am escorting them out. Tara is apologizing, and what not begging me to allow them to say. Now I’m pissed, and I just want them out. I look at her, and say, “Get the fuck out, you deaf whore.” That’s when the water works come, she’s sobbing, and she’s screaming she’s not a deaf whore.  She kept trying to explain to me she wasn’t a whore, and I just opened the door for her, and in a cold tone replied “Bye.”

I never saw her again…I wonder why?



11 Responses to “Diary of a Bouncer – The tears of a deaf girl.”

  1. Why did you call her a “deaf whore” instead of just a “whore?” Just curious. Were you jealous that you weren’t the one in the stall with her? Do the bouncers at bars really get that mad about people having sex in the bathrooms? I’ve known a few people that work in bars that contests to see how much sex they can have there. I guess that’s why I would be a horrible bouncer. I’d probably just laugh and high five them… does that make me a whore too? 😛

  2. theeriver Says:

    No the sex part I really don’t care, it’s more of the fact that I had to do something about it because a customer brought it to my attention. Like if a boss said to you that you had to work on something, and you really don’t want to. You get irked don’t you. same thing. I didn’t give a shit what you did within reason, just don’t make my life difficult.

    A professional tip if your going to have sex in a bar, do it in the men’s bathroom men don’t get as pissed, but when you take up a stall in a womens bathroom there’s going to be more likliehood of complaint, thus the bouncer will need to do something.

    I really don’t know why I said deaf whore, maybe I was jealous or thought she was cute, and was disappointed. These things happen so fast I rarely sit an analyze them.

  3. Ah, the bars of Tinley Park. Imagine if you had to bounce at Cuzin’s? You’d have to do a lot of work. You’d probably have some good stories, though.

  4. “…how dare they defile my place of business, like animals they couldn’t take it to a car, or motel, or fricking behind the dumpster.”

    This part here seemed real fake to me, lol. In the sense that I don’t believe you care that much about the place to say something like that. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Anyway, you were wrong to call her a whore. For all you know, that was her boyfriend she was with in there. Having sex in public place can be one helluva fun thing. From personal experience, I can certainly say it definitely adds to the pleasure of sex. Booting them was cool, but you should’ve taken a more Patrick Swayze approach from Road House and been nice about it, lol.

  5. theeriver Says:

    Yeah I do have a little issue on some of the choices on where people fornicate. Maybe I’m a tad old fashioned sorry, but you want the thrill of sex in public maybe a one stalled women bathroom at a small neighborhood bar, not the wisest choice.

    I am very loyal, and respectful to the bars I worked at, plus at the Blue Iguana was owned by a man who I owed alot to. The bar was treated like my home. Someone spit on the floor I tossed them out. Someone fucked with something I tossed them out. It was called respect, I gave it to the customer, all I asked for was a little respect back.

    As for Patrick Swayze I was always nice, until it was time not to be nice. But that’s a movie, and I’m human so I lost my cool on occasion.

  6. As a female and a one-time bartender, I’m with River when it comes to getting down in the ladies room in a bar. I have yet to find a place that has enough stalls to accommodate the number of female customers (and staff) who have to pee.

    If I had to leave the bar and wait for Helen Keller to finish polishing knob (and I don’t care if it was her husband or her freaking pimp in there with her) I would be pissed off.

    Sure, Mike, filthy bar-bathroom sex sounds just great. But like El Rio said, use the guys’ room, or take it outside.

    PS: obviously, illegal things often occur in bar bathrooms. But it’s a pretty easy bust when you catch people in flagrante delicto in the only ladies restroom facility. They’re lucky he just booted them and called them names; he could have called in po-po.

  7. Sure, you would rather waste the cops’ time with something as petty as that. Please, he did the right thing by booting them, however, the remark he added was unneeded.

  8. theeriver Says:

    No I would never involve the cops when I didn’t have to. Cops and bars don’t mix. Only time you want them there is to avoid bloodbaths, and in which case I’m glad they were there a few times in my life, aka the time I got a metal stool upside my head.

    I should of called them douchebags, right Mike. (inside joke)

  9. Oh, I’m all about avoiding the 5.0, but my point is what did they expect? River to hand them some paper towels? Maybe calling her a deaf whore was mean, and it’s true that you can’t expect the best behavior in bars, but come on, dude. Do you mean to tell me you’ve never said something rude or unneeded when people push your buttons?

  10. Oh, I’ve done it lots of times. I’m far from perfect. I’m sure they expected to be thrown out. Who wouldn’t? Whenever you are dealing with sticky situations, no pun intended lol, it is usually best to try and avoid exacerbating the problem though.

  11. I’m not sure Chris… getting fellatio from a deaf girl sounds dangerous. “STOP! TOO MUCH TEETH! I’M PARALYZED AHHHHH”.

    In the immortal lyrics of Poison “Sign dirty to me…”{guitar riff}

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