Zen Wednesday- Open your own treasure house.

 On Wednesday I will bringing to you a koan from Zen Buddist teachings. Koans are teaching devices.

Learn more about Koans here.


The point here is maybe get some dialogue going in the meaning of these koans, and how we can apply that knowledge to every day life.

This one is called

Open Up Your Treasure House.

Daiju visited the master Baso in China. Baso asked: “What do you seek?”

“Enlightenment,” replied Daiju.

“You have your own treasure house. Why do you search outside?” Baso asked.

Daiju inquired: “Where is my treasure house?”

Baso answered: “What you are asking is your treasure house.”

Daiju was enlightened! Ever after he urged his friends: “Open your own treasure house, and use those treasures.”

4 Responses to “Zen Wednesday- Open your own treasure house.”

  1. theeriver Says:

    I think this koan reflects that we don’t need to seek outside sources for enlightenment, but the answers we need are within us if we just seek the truth within.

    Sometimes I get frustrated with myself and others when I or someone I know say they can’t do something, or they can’t do that. I think we can. I think we can achieve anything we want if we just tap into our inner strength, open up our treasure house, and use the treasures within us.

  2. So true Grasshopper

  3. theeriver Says:

    I actually never saw a full episode of Kung fu, considering I am a big fan of eastern way of thinking. You would think I would be totally into that show.

  4. Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything.

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