Tales from the Big House.

I thought to give the Diary a little rest, and tell you of some of my other adventures.  Some of you that know me, may or may not know that I was in my youth, well let’s just say not a nice person. I did some bad things along the way of my life. Some of them landed me in Jail.  Well I decided to tell you some of my stories from the jailhouse scene, so that if you ever go there you know what to expect.

Jail isn’t just about the anal rapes, the gang fights, and the shanks. It’s really about waiting, waiting for court, waiting for your next meal, waiting to be released. It’s just a huge waiting room.  Now being a big guy, I have distinct advantage over a smaller guy. Criminals are predators, and they only prey on those weaker then them. So if you go to jail make sure you are not a little guy. If you are little. develop a crazy demeneor real quick.  I’m not proud what I done in my life, but it’s my life, and it makes me who I am today. My motive here is to entertain, and not glorify, or give credit to what I done, or where I have gone. Jail is no place to be, I never wan

There were moments that I stood on a razor blade, with some hardened criminals. Funny enough there were moments that made me laugh as well. One such moment. I was in a little room filled with some criminals awaiting our bail hearings one time. SInce Jail is all about waiting, alleged convicts would talk to aleve the boredom. One thing you will notice, everyone is innocent in jail. It’s not what you did. It’s what is it your “In” for. So we went around the room telling the others what were In for. We got to one guy he said, “Shit, man I’m with some hardened criminals, I just stole a 50 dollar drill. These mugs are crazy, officers get me out of here, I don’t belong with these thugs!!!” We all just laughed.


8 Responses to “Tales from the Big House.”

  1. So………what were you in for? lol

  2. Which time? LOL!

  3. We the audience want the rated R version of your tale. So dont leave out any of the blood and boobs.

  4. Don’t worry their be plenty of that to go around my young padawan.

  5. Yeah, I wanna know too… what were you in for? You can’t leave us hangin like that. LOL

  6. I gotta save something for my A&E biography.

  7. E True Hollywood Story > A&E Biography

  8. You always mention that you have a rough past, but never seem to actually tell the tall tale(s) of the River. Are you ashamed? Don’t be, to speak for myself, there are things in my past and even maybe present that I’m not competely happy about with myself. Share it or don’t share it, I still think your a great person.

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