Tuesday Transsexual Tale

Well it looks like by my little Internet tools,  not only Deaf Girl Sex is popular, but Transsexuals are too. Me being the people pleaser that I am. Like to cater to the masses. So here’s another tale for you.

A while back I was invited to a wedding, and I brought a friend along. Her name, that’s right, Jenny.  So people from this wedding rented a bus, so after the reception they would go downtown, hit the clubs, and then spend the night at a nice hotel. I didn’t know about this bus thing until the middle of the reception. Of course Jenny was up to go downtown. Me and Jenny didn’t even know how we would get home, we really didn’t care at that point.  So we hopped on the bus.

After much drinking and debauchery, the wedding party retired to their hotel. Jenny and I we left to our own devices. Well we needed to eat. So we went out to breakfast at a local breakfast joint, and as I was devouring my food. Jenny starts laughing her ass off, I mean not giggle politely. Out and out bursts of laughter. I go, “Whats so funny?” She goes, “Look!”, and points. As I stare what she’s looking at it’s a table full of obvious transsexuals, drag queens, or shemale’s whatever they call themselves these days next to us. Then I noticed their looking at me. So these 4-5 trannies are getting mad at the fact the girl I’m with finds them hilarious. So I tell Jenny, “To calm down, before something happens.” She just can’t stop laughing. All of a sudden an especially manly guy in a wig says to me, “Do you people have a problem?”

Now I have 3 options here,

A> Be a complete asshole, and possibly start a fight, though I may be able to beat some ass when dealing with more then 4 of them, even girly men might be difficult. If I lost in my eyes I might as well then go shopping for wigs.

B> Be very apologetic, and diffuse the situation in a political correct way avoiding a confrontation.

C> Be a smart ass, and if they can’t take a joke fuck ’em.

Of course I chose C.

I told the gorilla in a dress, “She’s just laughing cause I said you guys have bigger titties then she does.”  I guess they found this humorous as well, cause they laughed too.

Now if I did get in a fight, I would be in a serious morale dilemma, I don’t fight girls, but these guys aren’t girls, so it would cause my circuit boards to fry I’m sure.

So as the night wore on, the hotel cost way to much money to get a room. So we slept at the Train Station like a couple of bums, waiting for the first train home.  All in all a wild time, that probably will be the wildest wedding story to date.

One Response to “Tuesday Transsexual Tale”

  1. I would have chosen C also. Good thinkin’ Riv!

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