Where does happiness come from?

I was talking to a friend late last night, and she was discussing how she was angry at life, that she wanted more out of life, that she thought she was getting a raw deal.

I had to nearly bite my tongue so I wouldn’t scream at her in anger.  I wish I had the power like a spirit of Christmas to show people just how bad life can be.  How even though your life is not what it should be, it’s a whole lot better then say someone in a African country where they can only eat once every few days. I heard this saying before and it’s so true, “I complained about not having shoes, until I saw a man with no feet.”

Maybe life is perspective, and she has lived in an ivory tower, thinking the world owes her something. Sad thing it doesn’t. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

I’m human, and when things go wrong for me. I get a little depressed. Then I remember where I have been, and that I am lucky to even be alive. That even though with all my problems things can be worse, alot worse. Also I remember the power to make things better is within my reach. The thing is that I have to work.

Everything worth getting you have to work for in life, there is no easy path. More importantly happiness doesn’t come from anything. Money can’t bring happiness, some of the most unhappy people on this planet are rich. Another person can’t bring you happiness, the human heart is very fickle, and can betray you in a second.

The only person that can bring you happiness, is really you. It has to come from deep inside of you.  Unfortunately I had to spend time in some bad places to come to realize this, and once in a while I even have to remind myself of it.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from a movie that I enjoy the Last Samurai.  The samurai says, “To live a life searching for the perfect cherry blossom would not be a waste.” At the end of his life he says, and comes to realize, “They are all perfect.”

Ok I’m stepping of this weeks soapbox…..

Remember we got a contest going on.



8 Responses to “Where does happiness come from?”

  1. While I agree with what you are saying, that whole “you are better off than someone from (Insert 3rd World Country Here)” argument is simply not relatable to many people and, in my opinion is so outdated and antiquated that I wish people would stop using it. When someone is in a shitty mood, they are seeing only problems. To counter that, talk solutions. When they see there are answers to life’s troubles, they can start taking the steps towards achieving what they so desperately want. When you are working towards your goals, a positive disposition naturally follows.

  2. Very good points, what if the problem though is some sort of thing that doesn’t have a real solution. Like losing an arm. What should I suggest, grow a new one?

  3. Of course not, but there are such things as prosthetics. Hell, there was a guy who had no legs below his knees that used prosthetic legs that helped him compete for an Olympic track and field spot. He got so fast, many wondered if that would be considered legal or fair to the guys with legs!

  4. So the person is now sad because they have no money for a prosthetic? Now what? Are you ready for the things could be worse speech?

  5. Attitude is just about everything. I agree.

  6. I agree with both River and Mike on this one. Everyone has their down days. I admit that sometimes I catch myself falling into the same “pitty pot” stage. It’s pretty shortlived because then I remember what I do have and how I have overcome a lot of pretty tough obsticles in life. I give myself a kick in the ass and get over it. I wish more people would do that. There’s nothing worse than Debbie Downers that give up on life and feel sorry for themselves.

  7. Are you confusing being happy with being content?? Similar,but yet very different.You can be very content in your life,and at times be unhappy,and also at other times very happy! Happiness is not a constant,it is more of an ephemeral….being content is a long lasting emotion.You also can be content,yet strive to achieve more in life just for the satisfaction of achievement.

  8. theeriver Says:

    Wow you could whack me with a shovel, and have the same effect on me, so true.

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