Tales from the Big House.

One time while I was waiting for he judge, I was piled in a room with a bunch of other prisoners. One by one they left as they saw the judge, and then I was left alone with one other guy. A white kid who was sitting there banging the bench, singing some rap song, and going through some cultural identity crisis. He must of been bored cause he starts talking to me. I’ll call him Bob. Bob asks, “So dog,   What’chu in for? ” I told him the technical name for it, criminals like big words. Bob replies, “Damn dog.”  I just had to ask him, “What are you in for?” Bob nonchalantly says, ” I burned up 3 people while they were sleeping.”  Now mind you I’m in here, and I’m used to the usually drug dealers, pimps, assorted badasses. This mofo was insane. I replied, “Really?”  Bob starts telling me the details, “Yea middle of the night, I doused this house with gasoline, and lit the place on fire.”  All I could say was, “Interesting.”  Bob goes back to banging the bench, singing his rap song. He then turns to me with all seriousness, “Do you like Scarface?”  At the time I didn’t know who the hell was Scarface, and for all I know it could of been an opera star. I turn to Bob, and said in a most serious fashion, “I LOVE SCARFACE.”

Luckily guard called my name right after that, I was never so pleased to see a judge in my life.

3 Responses to “Tales from the Big House.”

  1. Judging from your myspace playlist, I see that you indeed love Scarface now!

  2. Actually though I blame Office Space for that. The song while their busting that fax machine is Scarface, when I found out I did kind of laugh at myself.

  3. Well, being from Texas, we were exposed to the Geto Boys at a young age since they are from Houston. Lol, I still know the lyrics to We Can’t Be Stopped by heart.

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