Monday Hangover.

Friday, Halloween I appeared at JWH, dressed up as the town drunk, boy did I have egg on my face when my best friend had the same costume on. Seriously though. No, I didn’t dress up. I feel if I don’t do it right, why do it at all. I did drink alot…I do mean alot. The Hat Guys were playing and their just alot of fun, and good. I made my way to Teehans, did my car bombs. From there I hit Durbins, which I don’t remember too much. I guess I was THAT guy at Durbins. Now mind you I don’t remember this exchange. A very pretty bartender was dressed up, I asked, “What are you supposed to be?” She replied, ” A sexy cop.”  My answer to this, “That’s a stupid costume.”

Oh dear I feel bad when she told me that, bah she already knows I’m a jerk.

Saturday I went to a benefit, spent some money for a good cause. Then went to a small get together for Halloween at a friends condo. Watched Young Frankenstein, what a great movie.

Sunday was the bears game, I got really drunk, I swear I think I drink a bottle of whiskey myself on Sundays, not to mention the 8 million shots. I saw the bartender I have a mad crush on, she has a boyfriend already though, good thing is he’s a bigger guy. I might have a chance. Reminds my of the movie Dumb, and Dumber.

Jim Carrey -” What would be my odds of getting with you.”

Girl – “About one in a million”

Jim Carrey – “So your saying I have a chance.”

If I ever have kidney or liver problems, it should come to any surprise to anyone I think.

6 Responses to “Monday Hangover.”

  1. You didn’t dress up, what a party pooper! You got one year to start getting ready again for National Dress Like a Slut Day, so next time you better have a costume.

  2. I agree with Mike. You suck, River. BTW… where did you go for the Bears game? JWH?

  3. For the bears game itself to JWH, then made my way to Teehans/Durbins

  4. One of these days, you should be daring and go to those places in a different order!

  5. Thou speaketh heresy.



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