What a Great Day Yesterday.

My god what a great day yesterday.

I went to Sportsclips to get a hair cut. With the MVP package, you get a shampoo massage, and a little back massage. The girl was nice. I loved it. Little pricey if you had to pay. 21 bucks. So with tip we’re looking at 25 bucks, but quality and good service price should not be an object.

I went shopping too, its my friends birthday, she’s not a bar whore like I am, so I can’t just buy her some shots and call it a day. I actually had to buy her a gift. I bought her John Candy collection, she really loves him. I also bought her a little silver cross. Hope she likes it. Sometimes I just don’t know what to get people…well if isn’t a shot.

I also had the Mushroom/Swiss Steak burger from Burger King. Ok not the best burger in the world, but for a fast food place I was impressed. It was pretty tasty.

I signed up for write a novel in a month. I’m giving myself 3 weeks to write 50k novel. More like Novella. I’m going to start next week. Feel up to the challenge sign up here.

Oh yea we got a new president or something. blah, blah,blah.

8 Responses to “What a Great Day Yesterday.”

  1. Good luck on your novel. Any ideas what its going to be about?

  2. Yea its going to be a kind of gangster story but with supernatural twist. Where evil takes on a bigger evil kinda of thing.

  3. Supernatural twist huh. Whatever you do, dont let M. Night Shymalamadingdong get a hold of that story. The nerd in me almost made me write a Star Wars book. I had the outline of the story done and all the major characters set. I even went with having a female protagonist. Crazy enough, the toughest part was coming up with stupid Darth names lol.

  4. Suggestion : Darth Douchebag!

  5. Good luck with your novel. I hope it all works out for you. I’d love to read it when you are done.

    I’m jealous that you only had to pay $25 for a hair cut (including the tip). I wish that I could get away with paying that much. Hell, my place doesn’t even offer massages unless you pay an additional $80 for one. Men have it so easy… bastards… LOL

  6. Lol, it has nothing to do with your sex but all to do with your hair. So if you want cheaper haircut, have shorter hair!

  7. LOL… I guess that would make sense. Thanks for the heads up, Mike. LOL

  8. Good luck with NaNo!

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