Thursday Wierdness.

So I’m coming into work this morning, decide to be lazy, and I’m in no fricking rush, so I decide to take the elevator. The AC/Heating guy gets on there with me. So me being the nice guy that I am. I go, “Hey, How’s it going?” This guy says, “How good can it be going when your dealing with a bi-polar wife.”To myself I was like how the hell am I supposed to respond to that.But he continues, “I’ve been married for 15 years, been dealing with this for 10 years, this is the first day I have my wedding ring off.” I’m thinking to my self alrighty then, after a moment of silence….very awkward silence. The elevator door opens, I blurt out of pure habit, and lack of anything else in my repertoire of pithy comments.  “Welp have a nice day..”  Lesson learned, I’ll be taking the stairs more often.

So a friend of mine talked me into going to a psychic with her. I don’t really hold too much stock in that kind of stuff. Usually Psychics tell you life is going to be roses, and buttercups. It’s nice to hear maybe it will be. But if I listened to all the psychics I’ve been to, I should be married, 3 kids, and a multimillionaire by now.

So this will be interesting what this psychic will say, but who knows maybe she’s the real deal and will plunge the depths of my soul, and tell me my future as it will be.

Or I’ll get turned into a newt.

4 Responses to “Thursday Wierdness.”

  1. A newt?

    You should’ve dropped some sage-like Buddha wisdom on his ass. Speaking of that, I’ve thought about checking that stuff out. Any recommendations on where to start?

  2. No newts is good newts

  3. I just went to a great psychic (she actually calls herself a clairvoiant/medium) about two weeks ago. She was referred to me by my sister. I normally don’t put much faith into that stuff either, but she hit everything she said right on. The lady I went to is in Crystal Lake. It was crazy. She had names and everything right. It was a great experience. I hope yours goes as well as mine did. Let me know how it goes.

    Regarding your elevator ordeal… sounds to me like that guy needed to vent. Must have been pretty uncomfortable for you. LOL. I agree, next time take the stairs…

  4. The stairs are good.

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