Monday Hangover

Since I had off Friday from work, lets start with Thursday. I went to a psychic. Now the psychic was good with my past, and present. Which was really cool, but she really didn’t get into my future all that much. Heck I know about my present, and past. She was good, in terms she could pick up alot about me. I had several readings in the past, I got to rate this one a 3 out of 5. I think it could of been better.

Thursday night when I dropped off my friend. Her neighbor had a nice Samsung 22 inch monitor sitting on their doorstep. I guess UPS just dropped it off or something, and the neighbors weren’t home. It took all my willpower to not turn into the old River, and Gank that. It would of looked so nice on my desk too. Oh well, it’s easy to be good when people are watching, I’m sure I’ll get some Karmic reward for being good when no one was watching.

Friday I had a wedding to go to. It was small, but nice. I like dressing up once in awhile. I don’t do it that often. ZZtop was right though, girls do like a sharp dressed man. I got to see some old friends, I haven’t seen in awhile.  It kinda sucks their all married, kids, and settled down. That kind of stuff upsets me a little. Especially since one of the guys that I saw at the wedding got married to a girl I really liked back in the day, but fucked it all up.  They just had twins. As for me I got really smashed, crashed at a friends house.

Saturday, I went to a friends house, and just chilled watched a movie called Flock, it sucked arse. This friend of mine is 33, and acts 83. She doesn’t like going to bars, she hates the fact people call me River. She thinks it’s juvenile. She also thinks I drink too much, party too much, etc. etc.. I know she cares about me, and all that. The problem is, it’s who I am.  I asked her, if I was the type of guy that stayed home, and didn’t do anything, would I be as interesting? She said I was right.

Even though she begged me not to go out. I did anyway. I like seeing my friends, and the band was rocking at JWH. I saw a couple girls there, they knew me, I had no clue who they are though. Some girls are good at faking orgasms, I’m good at faking that I know you. It’s funny though if I know you, sometimes I fake like I don’t. I think it’s funny. I didn’t drink too much, and I did go home early though 3am about.

Sunday, I had to go into work for a bit, otherwise I just rested. I did get the drunken calls for not going up to the Bears game, which I wish I could of been there. Oh well there’s always next week.

5 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. So, why didn’t this chick want you to go out? You should’ve taken her with you. Sometimes people just need a little push.

  2. She thinks I should not be wasting my money, and think drinking is destroying my life. She is not a bar person. I have known her for 10+ years, believe me I have tried. I asked her to come out to the bars with me a thousand times at least.

    But 9 years ago, some douchebag that she liked said something to me at a bar while I was under the influence of Whiskey, I almost beat the shit out of him. So maybe that’s why she refuses to go with me, then again the Unabomber had a more active social life then this girl. So who knows.

  3. River, we missed you at Sunday Funday this week. I think we went thrugh 2 gallons of Apple Pie Shots and when we weren’t drinking them, we were talking about drinking Effin River shots. Don’t ditch us again or your will be sorry.

  4. I missed you guys too.

  5. Wait Effin River Shots…you mean water 🙂

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