7 degrees away from Kevin Bacon

Sometimes I marvel at how small this world actually is. I use to work with this guy at FTD. We’ll call him Bob. Bob was a funny guy, he was a rebel there, but he did his job well. As a group at FTD we would go out, and have some good times. FTD was hard work, it was almost like being in a war zone. US versus THEM kind of mentality. Bob lived, worked, played up in the Western Burbs.

At the same time another friend started dating this girl, we’ll call her Jenny.  Jenny and I become friends, and we all had some misadventures.

Well Jenny is on my Facebook, I saw me and her have an odd friend in common. It’s Bob. I was shocked. I was like how the hell does Jenny know Bob. She hasn’t responded to me yet, but I have a feeling it’s college. I think they both went to ISU.

You might not be amused, but this stuff happens to me alot. I won’t see someone for years, then out of the blue I run into them at an odd place or time. I run into someone I know at a real random place. Like one time I ran into a high school friend in Disneyworld. I knew he was going on Vacation in Florida, but what are the odds we would see each other at the same time, at the same place out of millions of people.

I just find this world is sometimes smaller then you realize, and that maybe it’s true we’re all just 7 degrees away from Kevin Bacon.

I just want to say as well Happy Veteran’s Day, to all the Vets. Thank you for giving me the Freedoms I enjoy.

6 Responses to “7 degrees away from Kevin Bacon”

  1. I think I’m going to stay as far away from Kevin Bacon as its humanly possible.

  2. Mike, you crack me up. Sometimes I don’t know if I read this blog to find out more about River or to just read your comments. LOL… Sorry Riv 🙂

  3. No offense taken. Mike is a funny guy. Wish he lived closer, so we could actually hang out. I wish I saved some of our witty chats over the years in games, and such. I miss that sometimes.

  4. It’s actually six degrees, so you’re closer to Kevin Bacon than you thought.

  5. I clicked this entry expecting to see the typical kevin-bacon-with-his-wang-out. I mean, what else does Kevin Bacon do?

  6. He gave us the best line in the world.

    “Yes sir, can I have another”

    He was that guy getting spanked in Animal House.

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