Don’t worry gentlemen, I did not forget about you next Tuesday I will have a post for you. What women are looking for in men. I sent out some questionnaires to all the ladies I know. So as I keep getting answers back, I will compile the data, and give it to you in presentable form.

Now I want to take some time to talk about something that has reach epidemic proportions. I think we really need to put a stop to it. So in that regards I found a website to help protect you, my friends from harm.

Protect youself with this website.

Together we can put an end to this scourge.

Also something cool at work happened, my company is having their 20 year anniversery this year. Their taking all the employees to Disneyworld this September for a weekend getaway. I can take a guest. If you suck up to me, maybe I’ll take you, but no one rides for free. Ass, gas, or grass baby LOL!

As per Mike’s request, this is what I asked the girls.


What do women look for in men?
Rugged, or Metrosexual?
Do the shoes need to match the belt? Really?
Name Brands are they important?
Financial situation important?
If your in love with someone, what helped you fall in love with this guy?
Are there things men do that really piss you off in general?
What makes a man a man in your eyes, well besides a penis?
Ok Whats the deal with Penis Size?
Why do women love Assholes?
A dating guru wrote that women love Cocky + Funny attitude. Any truth to that?
If the guy is just an average joe, what is an attitude a guy can have to up his status?
Your at a bar, and a guy wants to meet you, what would be the best way? or even better what ways have worked?
Any other tips?


  1. Put a copy of the questionnaire up so we can see what type of questions are being asked. Also, those fuckers in that site are nuts.

  2. Your wish…my command!

  3. Shoes match the belt? Is that like the carpet matching the drapes? lol

    I am all that is man, but I shall answer some of the questions in how I believe women in general will respond.

    I believe most will say that looks don’t really matter, but deep down they do. Hair probably isn’t a big factor unless the guy is balding or bald. While I see women with metros, I don’t believe most would admit to wanting one over a rugged guy. They don’t care if we match, but if we look good dressed, then that is a plus. Name brands don’t mean jack unless we are talking about an expensive car. Financial situation is very important, most don’t want a bum. Are there things that men do that piss them off in general, of course. Penis size wont matter to them but it can be too small or even too big. They like confident men. Some mistake assholeness for confidence. Yes, they like a strong and funny guy. The last few could be any number of responses I suppose.

  4. Mike, are you sure you aren’t a woman? When I responded to River’s email, I answered it with pretty much the same answers you just gave… I think you are more in tune with your feminine side than you give yourself credit for.

  5. Oh yeah, Riv, I wanna go to Disney so what do I have to do to win the trip? Who are we kidding here? You are probably just going to bring “Jackass” anyway. LOL

  6. Hey, I am all man! However, since my divorce, I have dated more than my share of women so I have put in quite a bit of “research” time trying to figure them out. lol


    riv, i want to go. there is a line in menace 2 society that describes how bad i want to go. LOL

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