What women want in a man.

Ok so I sent a survey out to all the women, I knew I’ll give you the gist from the survey question by question. Then I’ll give ya an overview.
What do women look for in men?

-Generosity, and humor were the biggest answer.
-This is probably one of thee most subjective questions. You ask 20 different girls what they like in looks, you get 20 different answers.


-Either have hair, or  don’t, but have a clean style, avoid the comb over thing if your going bald, go ahead and shave that dome. One thing is curious dark hair beat down blond hair. Something about tall, dark, stranger with women maybe.  One thing also women don’t want you spending more time on your hair then you do.

Rugged, or Metrosexual?
-More women love the rugged type men, then the prissies. But they want a man to take care of himself. So basically go ahead get those nails cut, but skip the clear polish.

Do the shoes need to match the belt? Really?
-Yes they do have to match, but most women seem not as nit picky, but they do keep an eye out of major fashion faux paus. Make sure your not wearing white socks with dress shoes, and make sure if you got a brown belt on that your damn shoes are brown too.

Name Brands are they important?

– No, as long as the stuff fits good, and looks good your ok here. If your over emphasising the name brands its actually a turn off.

Financial situation important?
– Stability is important. Ambition is very important, with a hint of generosity. So if you have a shitty job, women seem to accept that if your trying to better yourself, and work towards a goal.

If your in love with someone, what helped you fall in love with this guy?

-Not take a girl for granted, consistency, communication, and humor were some of the answers i got back. One girl also told me her man was good with oral. So do some tongue exercises boys.

Are there things men do that really piss you off in general?

-Women seem to hate that men can tune them out, or they hate when you act one way around them, then totally different around your friends. Also seems women think we don’t keep plans very well.

What makes a man a man in your eyes, well besides a penis?
– Being there for his family, responsibility, have goals were some of the answers.

Ok Whats the deal with Penis Size?

-I asked this, cause I wanted to really know. I’m starting to think it’s more of a male hang up. Unless your penis is freakishly small, or freakishly huge I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you got the rest of your life together. Men’s Health magazine did a survey of 4,000 women and most of them agree it isn’t the penis it’s the man attached to it. We as men assume most women are size-queens it seems like they aren’t. So you don’t have to go out and buy those penis enlarging pills.


-You have to have a positive attitude, towards life. No one likes a mopey joe. So put away the emo clothes, and slap on a happy face.  Respect yourself, and others.

Why do women love Assholes?

–  I like this answer so much I’m going to use it verbatim. One friend of mine answered this.

“Because they reflect their own feelings that they’re not worth being
treated well. Because if a guy is an asshole, it’s a shortcut. Girls
assume assholes are superior to them and are thus worth chasing. Ew.
Not all women love assholes. Women who like fix-it projects,
punishment and to be reminded that they don’t really love themselves
love assholes.”

A dating guru wrote that women love Cocky + Funny attitude. Any truth to that?

– This is actually true to a point, but not so much cocky, thing more confident. So work on your witty comebacks.

If the guy is just an average joe, what is an attitude a guy can have
to up his status?

– Yes, alot of girls mentioned the guys they went out with aren’t traditionally the best looking. They just had wonderful attitudes, and made them feel special.

Your at a bar, and a guy wants to meet you, what would be the best
way? or even better what ways have worked?

– Friendly, direct, confident wins the day. Skip the cheesy lines. Just go up the girl say “Hi, my name is so and so….”

Any other tips?

Well guys after reading all these answers many of them are not surprising. If your looking for love, and your lonely I have a suggestion. Work on yourself. Brush your teeth, read some men’s magazines that don’t have Low Riders on them, Go workout, go take a fun class at a community college like a cooking class. Know how many women love a guy who can cook? LOTS.  A man who loves himself shows it in all he does, and women would want to be a part of that.

I want to thank all the women who sent me their answers, and took part in my little social experiment.

8 Responses to “What women want in a man.”

  1. They essentially verified what I have been saying for the past year on this blog. Bravo ladies.

  2. I enjoyed your little social experiment. Let’s do a seminar!

  3. Thanks for doing the post Riv. I honestly didn’t think this would go as far as it did when I asked you the original question, but I’m glad that it did. Seems like everyone had fun with it. It was better than writing Zombie stories LOL. I bet you’re happy about the penis size information. Are you sleeping any better at night knowing that you still have a fighting chance? Haha… sorry couldn’t resist throwing that in there. If I don’t talk to you, have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m leaving for out of town tomorrow…. and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that reads this site!

  4. It’s amazing that there are only 3 comments regarding this blog and there were 21 regarding the one that was about what a man looked for in a woman. Is it that men just don’t really give a shit? I’m just curious.

  5. Most men are stupid.

  6. I disassemble that remark!!!

  7. Awwww …. Mike, I think I am falling in love with you… LOL

  8. Maybe most of the women that answered this aren’t as shallow as a lot of men perceive them to be……just looking for a good looking meal-ticket!
    Both genders are looking for basically the same thing…..someone that they can respect,laugh with,and enjoy whatever intellect connects with them..(this does have a subjective quality attached).You can have a whole lot going for you in the looks Dept. and absolutely nothing under the first layer of dermis…AND there are matches for them,but for most of us out there ,if you take the time to find out what the object of your affection is interested in and TRY to take the time to be objective and learn a little about it,be it work, games sports,whatever,then more often than not that person is going to return the action(if they are REALLY interested in you).
    I think you have to look into yourself and maybe find a mirror image ….what are your most important qualities…..and refine it from there, not really science,but not really witchcraft either…Kinda like common sense

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