What I’m Thankful for.

Well I was debating on how lengthy I wanted to make this post, but I said hell it’s my blog. I’m going to do what I want. So it being the first Turkey day for Chaotic, I’m going to give thanks to those people around me, that really make my life what it is, and for sharing this wild ride I call my life.  Now this is not in any order of importance, it wouldn’t be Chaotic if there was Order, now would it be.

People I would like to Thank, and who I am Thankful for.

My Family – It’s a small one, but these are the people that time and again, have been there for me. I hope that I am, and continue to be there for them, when they need me. These are the people I love with all my heart and soul.

My Father, Phil – The man who is there all the time, everytime. The man who first shown me what being a man is all about.

My Mother, Mara – She is the well spring from which I came. The woman who bore me, she was the one who sacrificed so that I may have a better life. She’s the one who put up with the drunks at Olympic Star on the midnight shift so that I wouldn’t go to school looking like a ragamuffin.  With out her there is nothing, there is no Chris, there would be no River.

My Brother, George – My friend, my hetero life mate. LOL! Through thick or thin we got each others back. Through hell and high water there isn’t anything we can’t handle, together.

My Stepfather,  John – This guy not only takes care of my Mom, but he has been there me time and time again. I respect the hell out of him, and he’s always there to help me. I hope in some way he knows that I try to be there for him when I can be.

My Stepmother, Margeret – She loves and takes care of my Dad, and that deserves my respect and love.

My cousin, Jim – though I call him Jamie, because that’s old school baby, and out of love. He got my back, I hope he knows I got his. I share this story with everyone I can, cause it’s just such an awesome story. One night I got a flat tire, and I’m stuck out on I-57. I called everyone I knew. The man who answered and drove his ass from Homer Glen for me was this guy.

My cousin, Melissa – Always a kind word, one tough cookie, she’s always there watching out for me. Got my back through thick or thin.

My Grandmother, Joe – She’s the toughest person I know, trying to teach me whats right and wrong, also trying to intill in me a good work ethic. When I was younger this women would pick me up on her day off and take me somewhere fun, like the sloughs to go fishing, or to the museum.

My Grandfather, Mickey – Who I am named after. Even though he isn’t really related to me by blood, he is the only grandfather I have ever known. He loved me, and was there even when he didn’t have to be. He instilled in me my thirst of knowledge. I’m proud to call him my grandfather.

My Uncle Jim, and Aunt Eileen – I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the U.J. He is the greatest guy in the world. Doesn’t say much, but what he does say it’s prolific. My Aunt Eileen, a very giving woman, of herself, and of her time. She has loved me like I was her own child, and for that I am thankful.

My Aunt Millie, and My Uncle Bill – They have been there time and again, and I hope that they know it does not go unappreciated.  What I am most Thankful for is that my Aunt Millie (and Melissa) help my mom out alot, and for that alone I offer my undying gratitude.

My Uncle Peter – He makes me laugh, and that is the greatest gift anyone can ever ask for. He had a hard life, and in the past screwed up. From him I learned that it’s troubles come, but you have to get up and dust yourself and move on.

The rest of my family, My Sister in Law, My Nephews and Nieces, Cousins. Don’t think there isn’t a place for you in my heart. It’s just if I listed all of you I would need another blog.  I love you all, and without family you have nothing.

My Friends – They are the ones that inspire me, when I need inspiration, they are the ones that make me laugh, when I need one, their the ones that keep me sane, in an insane world. There are times in my life where I feel like a failure, but like in the movie The Wonderful Life, “No man is a failure, who has friends” With the friend I have, I am the richest man in Tinley Park, These are the people I’m Thankful for.

Scott – My brother from another mother, First time I met this guy I wanted to beat the shit out of him, but somehow we ended up best friends. He would give the shirt of his back for you, and not even complain that he’s cold.  His whole family, Mr, and Mrs Regan, Jenine, Dave. They treat me like one of the family, and I love them for it.

Tony – This guy is the most low key guy I know, but the funnest guy when he wants to have fun. He is there for me, and I just hope he knows even though I give him shit, if it ever came a time he needed me, I’m right there. Hell the guy tossed me into a bush, and I didn’t break his legs, right there should tell you that this guy is a good guy.

Chris- One of my longest known friends, hell he’s almost my brother. Like brothers sometimes we get into fights, but we always reconcile. He is one of the few people that I respect the hell out of. When it would be easy to toss in the towel, this guy still chugs along, and I’m proud of him for that.

Linsey – She has been through some of my darkest chapters of my life with me, and yet she still there.

Sherry – One of my biggest fans, always cracking me up, She’s such a good person, and even though life sometimes tosses her a curve ball, she takes it on the chin and keeps going. She’s a tough broad, How I know, she grabbed my package and almost ripped it off. LOL!.

Nora – She inspired me to take up this blogging thing, she is also the one that gets me to think outside the box. I’m thankful we reconnected this year, and hopefully never lose touch again. She also restored my faith that there are women out there that like good music.

Michelle, Jennifer, Karla – If I was Dracula, these girls would be my Lesbian Vampires. LOL!. Just good people, and good fun. They always bring a smile to my face, and though they sometimes get me into situations that could lead to trouble, they don’t mean it, and it makes life that much more interesting.

Niki – My little Dago Princess, her and Brooke are like the little sisters I never had, Fun, and adventourous. Niki, and Brooke’s S.O.’s Chris, and Eddie are real good guys too. They make sure to include me when they can, and they are just salt of the earth people. Genuine and real.

Erin – She has always been my sounding board first at GSU, and now through the internet. She always has a kind word, and fought her demons, as I fought mine. I consider her a comrade at arms. Even though we lost touch for a bit. I’m thankful we reconnected.

The Bishops – Brian, watches over me makes sure I don’t do anything to stupid. Mary cracks me up, and keeps in line, Both Amy’s crack me up. These are good people and I am thankful for them.

Stoiner, and Mike – Good friends, that keep my ass in line if I did get out of line, and if I got my ass in a sling they would help me out of it in a second.

The Sunday Crew- Todd, Dani, Rick – These guys make me laugh so hard my ribs hurt. I’m glad I got a chance to know them better this year.

Wolf – He’s a shady bastard, but he’s a good friend to not only me, but to my cousin.

Gina – She’s more shady then Wolf, but she’s a good girl, and cracks me up.

Jim – Even though he’s miles away, and we don’t talk that much anymore he’s not far from my thoughts.

Christina – I’m glad we got to know each other better, a good girl that I’m sure will go on to better things.

Mike aka Lestat- This is why I got into computers to make friends with good people no matter how far the distance, or where you may come from, or what you may look like.  I have many friends that were made through the internet, but Mike has been one of the longest, and the best of them. The times we spent in heated discussion over ventrilo  in game will be legendary, and always remember them.

The JWH Crew – These people I hope view me not just as a customer, but as a friend. Dokkus always there for me with a smile, and a handshake.  Carl – The coolest cat I know. Tom the man who taught me to avoid dirt piles. Ashley puts up with me smelling her hair, I mentioned Mary already so she ain’t getting another mention. Kathy, Tina, and Diane with those boots, damn they look good HAHA.  Rochelle, Phil, Amy, Deklan, Chris, CJ, Marty, Chris. Molly, Sara, Julie anyone else I missed. These people crack me up, and just make my life enjoyable.

The Durbins Crew – Heather – She is such a good person it warms my heart to see her. Though Natalie no longer works there she holds a special place in my heart. Holly, Sheryl, Penelope, Beth, Jamie, Petey, Jessi, Tom, Jimmy, last but never least Uncle Mike.  Just everyone there that makes it a great place to stop in and say hi.

The Teehans crew – Eileen thee best Irish Car bombs ever, because their made with love. Chris, Melanie. John the new bouncer, Eric. Great down to earth people.

Kenny, Steve, Chad – The Palatine guys, excoworkers, fellow geeks, and gamers. Kenny, and Steve used to work with me at FTD, they made a shitty job a half way decent one. Chad is their roomate. All good guys, and good for a laugh.

The Tinley Park Police – Guys like I mentioned before, plus people like Wood. Just watching over me, make sure the town I grew up, and love is safe.

RQA – well they pay me.

Well that’s about it, if I did not mention you, please do not take any kind of offense. I just wanted to point out the people that really made this year special, and give those people I love a shout out, and show that I am thankful to them for making my life a little better.  I have alot of friends in this world, and if I mentioned all of them I would need 4 whole days to type it all out.

Take care, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Chris aka The River.


2 Responses to “What I’m Thankful for.”

  1. Awwww… you big sweetie! I’m thankful for you too. Thanks for giving me my own little paragraph 🙂 Oh yeah, I’m sorry I almost ripped your junk off. Red Bull makes me strong like bull (and the Jager gives me no filter). Next time I will be a tosh more gentle. LOL … Happy Thanksgiving River… Gobble, gobble. Spit or Swallow, my friend.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Riv. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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