Monday Hangover

Well I hope everyone had a good Turkey day.  I had a decent one. Alot of my family went to their outlaws, or other places. So I decided to spend it with my Grandparents, and Aunt and Uncle. We went to 94 West, which was pretty tasty. It was buffet style, and they had breakfast too. I love breakfast buffets.

Let me backtrack a little on Black Wednesday I didn’t do anything. That’s right I stayed in. It’s one of the amateur nights of the year. Bars are way too busy, and you can’t get a drink. Assholes are out in droves, and so are the cops. Not worth it really.

Friday I had dinner with a friend, and chilled at her house. Watched Old School. I love that movie, she liked it. It’s more of a guy movie so I didn’t expect her to like it too much. I feel bad I forgot that I was supposed to fix my cousins computer, but in my defense I talked to him about a week ago. My memory not so good. I told him I would come over Sunday, but he didn’t answer my calls on Sunday, must of been Shabbos.

Saturday, after being a good boy all week it was time to reward myself. I drank…alot. I was drunk by 9pm. Hat Guys were playing their one of my favorite bands. Most of my friends were there.  So yeah I was hammered, and I have to watch it. I get really, really flirtatious when I get drunk, not a witty comment flirt, I mean licking boobs type of flirt. It’s just bad.  My friend Jackass was on stage stripping. I was dancing, and acting a fool. ALOT of holes in my memory.

Good times. Good times.

I woke up Sunday at 830am, still kinda drunk. Thank god for the McGriddle. I love those buggers I really do.

Tonight it’s going to suck, I have a wake to go to. I am not looking forward to that. I don’t do well with Death, and Funerals.

4 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Licking boobs type of flirt? Someone needs to take your monkey ass to charm school.

  2. Damn dirty apes!

  3. I agree with Mike… more than you know! LMAO… Don’t worry Riv, I still luv ya. haha.

  4. white chocolate Says:

    sorry riv, talk to ya soon. sorry about ur loss. oh ya mcgriddles the best breakfast sandwich ever.

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