Full disclosure

Good Girl brought up some points, and I called her out.

But I want to get a few other things off my chest.

Legally speaking,  slander is publicly spoken intentional false communication, when it’s in written form it’s called libel. Since this blog are personal opinions, and feelings. I can not be held as libel, because it is all hearsay. Hearsay is not admissable in court. I never use full names, and give out addresses, phone numbers so I can not be held accountable for invasion of privacy.  I did use the persons first name because I was angry, perhaps a mistake. I don’t use peoples real first names out of common courtesy, not because I have to.  I know this because I almost pursued a legal career, and had to defend myself legally many times its called Pro Se. I also took the LSAT and scored well enough to go to any Law School I wanted.

This blog is mine, I have alot of control over it. I can delete and edit comments to my liking. I can change Good Girls comments to “I love your River” if I wanted to. Life is not fair, and sometimes I am not either. I do not mind people disagreeing with me, instead I welcome it. If you hate me, good.  I relish it.

Technical tip : Every Computer has it’s own IP address. From that IP address I can find out who and what you are. On web sites like this one it logs your IP address, also sites that you buy stuff from. So if you plan on stealing a credit card, and ordering crap online be careful. From you IP, they can contact you Internet Service Provider, and find out who you are. Of course there are ways around this, but I won’t discuss this. So if your like Good Girl and want to try to hide your identity. This is your ISP info.

OrgName:    America Online, Inc
OrgID:      AMERIC-59
Address:    22080 Pacific Blvd
City:       Sterling
StateProv:  VA
PostalCode: 20166
Country:    US

NetName:    AOL-DTC
NetHandle:  NET-205-188-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-205-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Assignment
NameServer: DNS-01.NS.AOL.COM
NameServer: DNS-02.NS.AOL.COM
RegDate:    1998-04-18
Updated:    1998-04-27

RTechName:   America Online, Inc.
RTechPhone:  +1-703-265-4670
RTechEmail:  domains@aol.net

Just a matter of contacting them and finding out who you are, but I won’t. I want everyone to know, in this day and age you can’t hide. That in itself is scary.

 As concerned to the girls in question, there is only one girl that might be construed as I have a “crush” on her.  Things are not always what they seem. I may act over friendly to a girl, but doesn’t mean I have a crush. Hell I lick chicks boobs on occasion does  that mean I’m madly in love. I am a flirtatious mofo, and I love female attention it really doesn’t matter where I get it from, so the sad fact of the matter is this “girl” is showing me alot of attention, so I give it right back.  Just because I go out to an event with a girl doesn’t mean I have a crush on her, or even like her. It means I wanted some company at the event I wanted to attend, and I thought that girl would be nice to take along.  I am curious as to who the second girl is though, if it’s who I think it is I’m going to crack myself up. 

Even though I keep a blog, and ALOT of my business is out in the streets the saying goes believe “None of what you hear, and half of what you read” pertains to me as well. Theres alot of judicious editing that comes into play on this blog.  Sad thing is alot of my life is hidden from the general public for various reasons.

I will admit I’m fucked up in the head. I can go from having a drink with someone laughing, to choking him to death until my friends pull me off the guy. It happened. One thing is you should also know never mistake me being friendly for me being your friend. You don’t know me that well, and I don’t know you that well. I never claimed to be a nice guy, I never pretend to be perfect.  

Now lets get to the heart of the matter. Why am I angry at Scott. I don’t hate the guy. Never did.  If I truly hated him, I’d be in jail probably.

1. It’s not the incidents themselves that anger me, it’s more what they represent. Like the incident with Bob.  Scott is a bigger guy, I take a lot of abuse on a daily basis cause of my size. If I went to fighting everyone that picked on me, I would be at war constantly. You have to have thick skin when your a big guy, part of the territory. If you lose your cool, then I don’t want you around me because if you lose your cool, I might lose mine. Bad things happen. We all have mistakes, and such so I was willing to overlook this incident.

2. The other person that was involved in the incident, it was started over Scott touching his sister in a bad way. Now I don’t know if it’s true or not. I don’t have a sister, but if one of my cousins even mentioned some guy grabbed her wrong, I’m fucking making him swallow a bar stool. 

3. Aside from the people involved in the incidents these things are happening at places I call my sanctuary. Olympic Star, I grew up there, my mom worked her ass off there to feed me, and clothe me for half my life. That place is holy ground to me, inside, outside it doesn’t matter. Durbins relatives owns that, and JWH the staff, and owner I consider my friends. Anyone that is looking for trouble in those places, that are considered my friend, will not be my friend for long.

4. I tried talking to Scott, He obviously doesnt like to listen. I told him I can’t have these disagreements around me. So what does he do comes up to JWH, and is involved in another incident. It doesn’t matter who started what, or said what. theres an old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but word will never hurt me”. He should not only learn it, but live it.

Maybe it’s time to pack up and leave Oak Park behind me. I made a lot of friends there, and I will miss them all. As many friends I have, it’s starting to be there are people there that I just don’t want to see anymore, not just Scott.  After New Years I think some changes will need to be made.


5 Responses to “Full disclosure”

  1. First off no one wants you to leave Oak Park including me. I am a little upset cuz alot of what you are saying about the incidents is all hearsay and from the people who are trying to defend their attack on the big guy. Like when you say he touched the guys sister in a bad way, even though he didnt do that it makes him sound bad. The girls were claiming that only to get their brother out of jail. It never happened and their were numerous witnesses that can testify that he never touched any girl.

    I’m not going to comment on stuff anymore,I think, lol. Bottom line is you need to talk to Big Scott, I asked if he read your blog, he said someone told him about it a couple of weeks ago but had no intention of reading it. He said as far as he knew you and him were cool and he wasn’t aware of any major beef with you. I do know from hearing these stories from him and other people that were around, that most of these people are lying to you, at least parts of the stories. He is very easy to talk to and contrary to what you might think he will always avoid a fight unless backed into a corner. You 2 need to talk.

    P.S. No one want you or Big Scott to leave Oak Park and neither of you should over stupid crap like this, I think this all got blown out of proportion.

  2. Well who am I to trust, my friends, or some guy who hangs out at the bar with me?

    It’s not just Big Scott that has been irking me lately. Though he’s one of the reasons. Best thing to do to cease drama, is to walk away from it.

    There’s nothing to talk about to Scott. I really want nothing to do with him from this point on. Nothing. I can’t make him stop coming to the places I hang out without it getting violent. The best thing for me is to walk away from the whole situation.

  3. I suggest that I go out for a cold pint of lager.

  4. Lager? Pilsner where’s it at buddy. LOL!

  5. Oak Park Avenue wouldn’t be the same without you, you big jerk. If you go, then Jackass goes… then you will both be back to calling the police about his stolen truck again. Where else can you go where there are 3 of your favorite bars within walking distance of where your best friend lives? Stop talking stupid or I will kick YOUR ass. 🙂

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