Monday Hangover

That’s right I’m back, I won’t say for good. But Friday night a friend said when he wrote a comment on my board it came from the heart. That meant alot to me. For all the little drama this little project has caused, it has caused some good.  Ultimately that is my goal to allow people into my little slice of life, and share with them what little knowledge and wisdom I garnered. If there’s a little rockiness because of it, I best be able to learn to shoulder it. So lets get this party started huh?

Friday was a rough one. I got out early from work and started drinking at around 3:30pm with Jackass, and the German. Alas the German had to leave early for dum dum bowling.  Thats alright I’ll forgive him. At JWH I remember just dancing with this girl so much I was sweating my ass off. Went to Teehans not once, but twice during the evening, and had about 4-5 Irish Car Bombs. Now I do a large one, most people do small. But me being the professional. I get a pint of Guiness, and shot of Jameson’s Whiskey, and Baileys. You plop the Shot in the Pint, and Slam the whole damn thing. It’s glorious. Then went to Durbins to finish the night. After a catnap at Jackass’s place I went home about 6am.

Saturday morning was haaardd. I woke up at 11am, went to my Grandmas to drop off their gifts. Then I had to go to my Mom’s for my stepdad’s bday. I stopped and got him a cake at Flechensteins bakery.  I was in there and I said to the girl, “I pass this place all the time, always wanted to stop in,  but this is the first time here.” She goes, “Really? Why is that?” To that I go, “Cause this is the devils workshop.”  She laughed at that.  I go to my moms every Saturday to help her out, cause she is handicapped, and well shes my fricking mom.  I shoveled her driveway which was all fricking ice. Being in a fully rested state this would of been hard as hell. This was just hell, a frozen hell of the ninth ring.

So after a good old man nap, I hit the JWH with one of my favorite bands playing Rendition. Awesome band, and if you haven’t seen them you should. My cousin even made an appearence the White Chocolate himself.  It was sort of his birthday celebration so I hope he had his fill.  Later that night,  I went to Teehans, and then Durbins. At Durbins I danced with a bartender, and a waitress that use to work there. Oh man they worked me over. I was beat by the end of the night. They worked the booze right out of me. Afterward the Whiteness, Jackass and me hit the Dendrinos. Which makes the Star Wars Cantina look like Chez Paul. So after having a few more,  I had to take Chocolate home but not before we stopped at White Castle. Where Whitey got in a fight with a preppy looking college kid. I think the fight was over Doug Wilson of the Blackhawks. which is odd, I’m not even a huge hockey fan. Funny how when the White Castles manager shouted at us, and mentioned the police we all simmer down.  After getting him home, I decide to drunk email someone making a complete ass of myself to a girl. oh well nothing else new there.

Sunday I slept real real good. I went to a Poker Tournament which was free, and for points only. Points that if I win enough will win me a seat on the World Series of Poker. I came in first, which to me is mixed blessings, and I’ll go over that tomorrow.  But I had a good time, and met some new people. So isn’t that what matters most.


3 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Back like a bout of Herpes Simplex!

  2. And just as irritating.

  3. Mike and River: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit… thanks guys. Bleah…

    I’m glad you’re back Riv! I’m also glad you had a good weekend. Congrats on your Poker accomplishment! I promise that if you get in on the World Series of Poker, I’ll watch it… even though I really think it’s the most boring show in the world. But then again, I’m not the one playing for millions either. 🙂

    Oh yeah on a totally different note… I have a plate of homebaked Christmas goodies for you so I would like to see you sometime before the holiday to get them to you. Wanna do coffee or something this week?

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