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Bye Rod

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Ya Douchebag!!!

Back in 2002 when our illustrious ex-governor took over, he did a series of cutbacks, one of them was to my University where I worked at. These cutbacks led to a few layoffs. One of these was me.

I loved working at GSU, sure the pay sucked, but the benefits were good. I got a asston of vacation, most of all I liked the people. Well most of them anyway. I kept the job for 6 years, even when better opportunities came about. I turned them down, thinking I got a job for life.

Boy was I wrong.  Thats good, Karma is a bitch. Hey Rod, let me know how Unemployment line is, and tell them I said hi!.

Back to the Salt Mines

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I have a problem, when I have such a good time. The next day or so I get kind of bummed out. Its like some sort of low. Not a depression, like I’m going to curl up in a ball and weep. No it’s just like a day where I just am not totally myself. Kinda quick to get upset, moody perhaps, just a plain ole jerk.

It’s like I have such a good time, I go through some sort of decompression mode. Anyone else go through this? Usually it goes away a day or two after. It’s just rough getting through this day.

Doesn’t help when people are lining up to get at you, and they need all kinds of outrageous B.S. .

Monday Hangover

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Hard to write about your weekend, when you don’t remember most of it.  Friday I stayed in, and behaved.

Saturday is another story entirely. The Hat Guys were playing at the Hollstiens.  The stars aligned my friends were there, Jackass, The German, White Chocolate, The Wolf, All the Jennies. The shots were flowing. I remember boob licking, wish I could remember whose.  I do remember a few things. I remember giving a guy a hug from behind, who I thought was a friend of mine, turns out it wasn’t. It was cool, but who’s number was in my pocket??

I remember dancing, and doing shots of Jamesons. I think I went to Teehans….I think. I don’t remember leaving Hollstiens. I remember waking up and going to Olympic Star at 10am, and everyone at the O.S. were like “What the heck you doing here at this time?”

I love nights like that, just having fun with my friends.

Sunday I saw Max Payne, not bad at all.

I’m taking a couple days off, going to Metallica, and resting the next day. I’ll be back Thursday, hopefully more tales of debauchery for you 😉

New Music

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Here’s a new rap band I like, they got this whole rap/rock thing going. They are called Hollywood Undead.

Metallica Concert

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I’m looking forward to a Metallica Concert on Tuesday, which will be good.  I hope it goes well, I haven’t had much luck with Metallica. Back in the far distant past me, and a few friends wanted Metallica tickets badly,  this was way before the internet was the booming success it is now. You had to actually wait at the ticket master location, sometimes all night. So me and my friends were the only ones there, we spent the night, and we walked up to the door at 8am. Cool were going to get tickets.

Then a mob of people started walking up to us.  Their “leader”  said they had to wait somewhere else because of the police told them to, and they had some sort of line list. I told them that was a shame, but we were in line first.   Well I was in this guys face, he was in mine. It was about to get real ugly. I don’t think they liked it when I said “Take your list and shove it up your mothers ass.”  Then my friends started to drag me away. The chicken shits that they were.

Yeah I would got my ass kicked by the hundreds of people, but I promise you 4 or 5 of them would of been worse off then me.  I was so angry, I think I was frothing at the mouth literally, screaming obscenities that would make a crack whore blush, so angry in fact I was about to go back by myself and get some retribution.

So I never did get to see Metallica,  I hope I get to see them this time.

Do men have cycles?

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So I was bopping around todayin a good mood, and I thought maybe because it’s warmer today, 30 degrees is warm compared to last week, or maybe because the Sun is starting to be out longer. Then I thought of what one girl said to me, “Men have their own cycles, and have their own version of PMS”

I started to wonder are we all cyclic as humans, certain times of the year, and month we are more prone to certain things, certain emotions.  As I think back I know I am very seasonal, like I go more into hibernation in the winter, and become more crazy, and wild in the summer.  Like the deer, or salmon maybe there are times of the year we are more apt to be more up, and vicarous like a mating season of sorts. Though I don’ t think there are certain times of the month that I am more down, or up.  

Maybe this is something I should keep track of, just a one word letter for the mood I am in that day, do it for a couple of months and see if there is a pattern.

What do you think, do you think men have their own cycles?

The Dirty Sanchez

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Sherry gave me an idea, but it got me to thinking. The Dirty Sanchez is a sexual act, but who coined the phrase? Things like Butterflies, and Missionaries are sexual positions, but where did the names of these positions come from? I’m sure a Gloryhole, is glorious, but why not a Joyhole? Probably the only thing sexual I get as to why they are named thus  is Doggie Style, and 69. But who coined the phrase 69? Did one guy say to his buddy, ” Hey when me and her are doing this, it looks like a 69″, then his buddy agrees with him, and tells his friends, and it spreads from there.

To me the English language is amazing, I say a word it conjures an idea, though your idea might be a little different then mine, it shares commonality. That commonality is our shared reality.  For example, I say the word, “Chair” . We all get a vision of a piece of furniture that someone might sit in. Our chairs might be different, yours might be large and comfy, while mine might be a hard metal folding chair. Their both chairs though, and that…that is our reality.

Now the question begs to be asked, was the idea there before we put a word to it. These are the things Socrates, and the ancient philosophers argued about. Is the idea eternal, and always there and we just finally put a word to it.

So have we been doing it doggie style for eons, and finally one day someone said hey that looks like two dogs, or did someone say hey look at those two dogs we can do that.

So next time your spooning someone, or being spooned take a moment to wonder….what the hell does this have to do with spoons.

Hail to the President

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The President’s Inauguration is today, and I will be remiss if I did not mention some thoughts and feelings about this.  I think alot of Americans hopes are pinned on this guy. I do not envy him, for he is inheriting a mess, plus being the first African-American President there will be more eyes watching him.  If he falls, he will fall hard.  If he stands by his convictions, and stands by his promises made to the American people, he will be like a God among Men, a true hero.

I am not one for hope, for one who has too many of his hopes dashed, it is a futile exercise. Though as I was listening to some of his speeches playing on the Radio today. I thought it is easy to believe and hope into the dream he is selling. The Hope of America. I feel for those Americans though who have pinned their hopes and dreams on one man. I pray he does not fail them, for if he does woe to him. 

I’m proud to be American, and even though I did not vote for this man, I will defend him to my last breath, as I did George W.  He is our voice among the world.  A world that looks to us with hateful, and envious eyes.  Even though America has many problems, I would rather not be anywhere else in this world.  I’ve seen the amber waves of grain, and been from shining sea, to shining sea.  

Good Luck Mr. President Barack Obama…you sir are going to need it.

Monday UnHangover

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Well I didn’t drink this weekend. So the good thing is no brain cells died.  Friday I went out to eat at a polish restaurant. Mablenca’s on 79th and Cicero. It was alright. I had Roast Duck. If you like Dark meat on the chicken, you’ll like Duck.  The service was a little crappy, I don’t think the girl spoke english, well. Also I asked if they had cheesecake, it wasn’t cheesecake it was some sort of cake like danish with cheese on top, and it tasted like shite. Then went to see a movie. Defiance, it was alright. A little drawn out and long. Could of used more action in my thoughts, and alot less mansy pansy emotions.  So the evening was meh, at least I enjoyed the company I was with.

Saturday saw me visiting some friends up North, I didn’t drink because the weather was crappy.  We played some Rock Star, I don’t like tooting my own horn, but I’m purely awesome on that guitar. So much so I might pick me up an Xbox 360 soon just for that game.  I was home early. Well if midnight is early for ya, it is for me.

I worked on Sunday. At work I spotted a guy going through the buildings with a rifle. Looked like a younger kid in the teens. I called the cops on him. I ain’t adverse to hunting, but I don’t want an inexperienced hunter fricking roaming around in a place where there might be someone, like a kid playing in the field. I watched the cops haul the kid off. I felt a little bad for doing it, but there’s no excuse for stupid.


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Disturbed The Curse Lyrics:
Marked for demolition, I’m
Just a time bomb ticking inside
No hope for the hopeless,
I can see the pieces all laid out in front of me

No point even asking why
Couldn’t help even if you tried
Step aside or you might just
be the next contestant
To feel the Brutality!

Devastation, Obliteration
Are on to the point of Exacerbation
There’s no explaining my situation,
Now why does this shit keep happening to me?

I’ve held on too long just to let it go now,
Will my inner strength get me through it some how
Defying the curse that has taken hold
Never surrender,
I’ll never be overcome!

Too dark for forgiveness, I
Can’t seem to do anything right
When I try to rebuild I see my humble shelter
Just fall to the ground again

Object of an evil eye,
No point to let anyone try
Take heed my friend lest you be torn asunder
Like all that’s become of me

Decimation, Disintegration
Now beyond the point of imagination,
There’s no explaining my situation
Now why does this shit keep happening to me?

I’ve held on too long just to let it go now,
Will my inner strength get me through it some how
Defying the curse that has taken hold
Never surrender,
I’ll never be overcome!

I’ve held on too long just to let it go now,
Will my inner strength get me through it some how
Defying the curse that has taken hold
Never surrender,
I’ll never be overcome!

I’ve held on too long just to let it go now,
Will my inner strength get me through it some how
Defying the curse that has taken hold
Never surrender,
I’ll never be overcome!