Monday Hangover

Well New Years Eve was the big day. I started drinking before I even got to the bar. Hell I finished off 1/3 a bottle of Jack Daniels before I even stepped into the bar. At JWH it was a drunken blur, I don’t even remember most of it. I started to slow down a bit, and actually sobered up at Durbins. At Durbins there’s this nice old guy I’ll call him Bob. Bob is just one of those guys that is generous, and nice. But I get this distinct feeling of loneliness from him.  I don’t want to end up like Bob, alone at 60 something sitting in a Bar, hoping people will talk to me. If I don’t change my ways if I make it to 60, I feel that’s how I will end up.

I don’t know if I said this but I’m going back to school to update my skills. I need to make a commitment to myself to try to live more healthier. I lost alot of weight, I have alot more to go. I need to up my game. Thinking of joining a boxing gym, we’ll see on that. I have to budget myself. I also really have to slow down the drinking.

Drinking…the bane of my existence. I really have to control myself. I don’t know if I can. Especially around drink specials, open bar type situations I feel I need to hit the bar hard to get my moneys worth. I want to quit cold turkey, but I feel I’m not quite up to the herculean task.

I removed myself from Facebook, and Myspace. It was funny some people freaked. All the people I want to really talk to I have their email, and/or phone numbers. Everybody else I don’t give 2 shites about. Whats the point of Facebook, so someone can send me a drink request or some other goofy invite. Perhaps its so  I can see people that weren’t really friends in High School, now because their old want to reconnect with their past by making me their friend.  High Schools over move on.  I got enough time killers to entertain me.

The rest of the weekend I was a good boy, I had to work on Sunday which is really chapping my ass, but thats another story.


12 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. You were missed this weekend, but I understand what you are saying. I just got worried because one second you were everywhere on the net and the next, you just disappeared. It all kind of makes sense now. Let me know if you need anything. Hopefully you won’t be a total stranger.

  2. Oh yeah, good luck with school. Expanding your education seems to always make me feel better and helps me put things into perspective. I hope it has the same effect on you.

  3. Thanks, I start next week. I’ll also be around for special events like peoples birthdays and such. I may be slowing down, but I ain’t dying. Another reason mainly I have to slow down is Money, my company is being bought out at the end of this year so I really don’t know where I’m going to be. If the company offers me a job, and it pays well enough I might have to move to Indy. But I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

  4. I always thought it was Heraclean lol. You selfish bastard! Because of you, I am now short a Myspace friend. Who the hell will I get to replace you now, Tom?

  5. Ahhh that brings back memories. I’ve been on Myspace so long I remember when it was just me and Tom. Seriously I think it was like 2000, or 2001 I joined. Same thing with Facebook. I was on Facebook before it was even famous. One of the curses/blessings of being geek, by the time it’s cool I have grown bored with it.

    Why the hell you on Myspace still anyway, get on facebook, it’s where all the grown ups are anyway.

  6. I still haven’t figured out Facebook. Like, for some reason I can’t view someone’s profile unless they are a friend. Plus, I only have like 3 friends on Facebook, its pretty fuckin’ sad! lol

  7. Oh, and by the way, I disagree with you on the usefulness of the networking sites. It is pretty cool to reconnect with old friends or people you just lost contact with after a while.

  8. ummmm… there is a special event every weekend. Looks like i’ll be seeing more of you than I thought! LOL. I am going to email you about one this Saturday.

  9. Mike, would you like to replace River on my top friends list? His picture looked stupid up there anyway… LOL 🙂

  10. Lol, sure thing. Send me an invite. Here is my myspace link:

  11. theeriver Says:

    Trying to drum up friends on my time are we?

    @ Mike – Sherry isn’t 16 yrs old, doubt you’ll like her much.

    @ Sherry – The Devil on your myspace classed your page up.

  12. River, what else is this blog page supposed to be used for??? Just because you are becoming a hermit doesn’t mean that everyone has to be one. I mean, what if Mike decides to move to the Chicagoland area??? He needs to be in contact with the best real estate agent in the world. ME!!!! 🙂

    Mike, I AM 16, don’t let him fool you. 😛
    I tried to add you but your page is extra secure and I can’t add you without having your last name or email address. mine is you can try mine and see if it works.

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