Diary of a Bouncer – One Hair

The great thing about bouncing is meeting interesting people. Some of those people you work with. One of these people who I call Jenny always made me laugh. She is a no nonsense kind of girl, with no punches pulled. Sometimes you go out with your fellow coworkers to other bars, and being a bar person we know how to have fun.

One of these nights I went out with Jenny, and a fellow bouncer, Pumpkin. Pumpkin was a big red haired dude, and when he wore his orange bouncing shirt, guess what he looked like. Thats right a Pumpkin. So went to a bar called Eclipse. We were drinking up a storm. Jenny started to get a little blitzed.  At one point we started talking tattoos. Pumpkin just got a Celtic Cross, which is very original for an Irish guy to have one of those. Jenny said she had one too on her hip area, so she proceeded to show us.  Well Pumpkin said he didn’t see it, and he asked, “Is it there?”  He pointed to her crotch, REAL CLOSE if you get my meaning. Jenny was like, “No it isn’t mother fucker”  She then realigned her pants, and we continued drinking.

Well it was time to go home, and I was driving Jenny, and Pumpkin home. A ComEd truck pulled next to us. Seems like Jenny thought it would funny to pretend to give me Road Head for the benefit of the ComEd guy. Well the ComEd guy got a kick out of, and needless to say I did to. But the ComEd guy shone his light on us, started honking.  Jenny was real nice to him, and flashed him her breasts.  The ComEd guy followed us a little bit probably hoping for more of a show.

After I dropped Jenny off, I had to take Pumpkin home, he regalled me  of how he touched Jenny’s bush.

The next day I told Jenny, “Hey, Pumpkin got to touch your bush, I’m jealous!”  She replied, ” That bastard touched a stray hair that I forgot to shave. One hair does not make a pussy!!!”

To this day if I see Jenny, I scream, ” One hair!!!”  Her reply is, ” Does not make a pussy!”


2 Responses to “Diary of a Bouncer – One Hair”

  1. The key now is finding her in a more upscale environment in which to place that lure. In a church, in front of little kids, or in a hospital full of sick people would all suffice.

  2. That’s quite the story Riv. You always hang out with a classy crowd. (Myself included) 🙂

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