All for Love -Flowers

In honor of Valentines Day, I will be doing a couple of posts, about love, and things having to do with V-day.

As an Idealist, there are certain Ideals I hold true to. One of them is Love. Love to me is a noble endeavor. It should not only be done with words, but acts.  Men get a bad rap when it comes to this funny little thing called Love.  We get caught up in our workaday lives, and forget that which is important to us. Valentines Day is coming, but don’t wait for it to be a special day. Show that certain someone you love them just because it’s a Tuesday. 

One thing that melts a women’s heart pretty fast is flowers. I have working at FTD learned a few things over the course of my time served there, as well I asked a friend in the industry as well to help me out. 

Why do we give flowers? To me I think it’s all about beauty, you think the one you love is beautiful, and thus you give her something of that beauty back to the one you love.   It’s not just the flowers, it’s the act, and also the card is very important.

Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What makes a good flower gift.

A. Quality – It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. I think a woman would like 6 gorgeous roses then 20 wilted ones.  I remember one day at FTD they were giving away flowers that they were going to throw out, horrible specimens really. A guy I knew was going to give them to his wife. I told him so this is how much you think of your wife, you give her garbage picked flowers. I was thoroughly disgusted.  Flowers shouldn’t be about money, it should be about the emotion behind them. 

B. The Delivery – If your going to do something, make sure it’s done right. When you get married are you going to have the UPS get on one knee, and give her the ring. Go to a florist who is dependable, and will get the flowers there when they say they will get there.  A tip for you, Don’t have them delivered to the house, have then delivered to her at work. Nothing a woman like more to show others that she is loved.

C. The Card – For All that is Holy, write something from your heart, don’t be shy. If your not good with words, steal them. I recommend from Shakespeare.  Here’s one of my personal favorites.

“Hear my Soul Speak, Of the very instant I saw you, Did my heart fly to your service” – The Tempest.

Believe me you will still get more credit then putting, “I love you – Joe Shmoe”   It’s your time to shine kid, do it right.

Let’s talk turkey, where do you go to get the best deals. Your local Florist. Yes sometimes they might be a little more pricey the a website, but you get several things for your money. Better Quality, just make sure their flowers look good before you buy though, you can’t get that off a website, better delivery, and better service in general. Also when you help your local businessman, your helping your community. I stake my life on it, and my stellar rep at FTD, that the extra 5 bucks you spend will get you a better quality arrangement, and more then likely extra flowers, or special attention that the one you love deserves.  So what is a deal a dozen roses that look like crap for 20 bucks, or the ones the look gorgeous and remembered for a long time, and that will LAST that cost you a little more.

Find a local florist, develop a relationship with that florist, so he can better meet your needs. The more you purchase from that same florist the better. Heck ever forget an important date, tell your local florist. He might be able to email you a reminder. Heck I helped troubleshoot the software that let the florist do that type of stuff.

While working for FTD, when dealing with the south suburbs, one florist was mentioned time and time again as one of thee best. FTD should know we keep track of that kind of stuff. The Enchanted Florist. I ask Dave the owner to help me out. I asked Dave, What should a guy get that loved one in his life for Valentines Day. He told me, ” Well you can go traditional with the red roses, for some twists try something wild and crazy like  some exotics or tropicals, or perhaps a little more country with wildflowers with blooms in a wide assortment of blooms in all colors. Chris the best thing to do is tell us about your recipients style and taste, and we’ll design something special just for them.”

That is what I’m talking about, Something special for that someone special. Thanks David. The personal touch. That’s what makes gifts special. 

I’m going to leave you with this guys, something you could relate to. If you had a mint 69 Mustang, would you put cheap oil in it. No you wouldn’t you would go that extra mile, and put a better quality oil into it. So it would run smoother.  Mostly everything in life is that way, even love. The more you put into it, the more mileage you’ll get from it.  Take the time to love, and treat that one you love special and you will get that back.


2 Responses to “All for Love -Flowers”

  1. Personally, I’d prefer a gift certificate to Hollsteins. That’s the type of gift that keeps on giving. 🙂 Screw the flowers.


    what’s up big pimpn

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