Monday Hangover

You know it was a good weekend when you don’t have a voice on Monday. So Friday I started the night going to Beggars Pizza because Jackass wanted to say hi to someone. Lo and behold I ran into my Aunt. It was a very nice surprise. I always like running into my relatives unexpectedly it’s just kind of cool. The we headed to  my friend’s “Bye-Bye Uterus party” with one of my favorite band Rendition. she getting an hysterectomy, and will be out of commission for a few months.  Did I have a good time?  Lets just say there was some gapping holes in my memory.  I think everyone was in rare form, we got the pictures to prove it. I don’t remember buying shots, but I came out with 200 bucks, I was broke by the end of the night. I hope I got my friend who was tossing the party a shot or two.  Really bottom line, I just hope she had a good time. She’s not going to be around the bars for a couple of months, she will be missed. Who’s boobs am I going to lick now??  Wonder what Robin’s going to do next Saturday HAHA! Crashed at Jackass’s crib, and watched Stepbrothers again. I love that movie.

I went to bed at 6:00 am ish, woke up at 9:30am. It was my Grandma’s 88th Bday, and I promised to stop by and visit. I did just that. After which I went to my mom’s to help with the groceries. From there I went to fix a friend’s computer, and help her son figure out Itunes, which I had no clue until that day how to use. But I got the skillz to pay the billz. I picked it up fast.

At this point I was starting to wind down from the lack of sleep, so I started pounding the 5- hour energy shots like they were going out of style. I headed back out Saturday night, I started off at Coopershawk which is a restaurant and winery. It was my friends 40th bday, and I ordered a nice steak. Her Boyfriend picked up the tab for all 9 of us. I was upset. Well mainly because I didn’t know if I had to blow him or not, it was fricking steak. I bought everyone a few rounds of jager bombs.  One of the Jenny’s I hang out with a couple weeks a go called me a insensitive asshole, we since cleared things up. This week though she said she didn’t want to talk to me when she was drunk, because she gets in trouble. Well I don’t know if it was the Irish Car Bomb, or the Cherry Bombs. It seems like she changed her mind on that, she followed me around. It’s funny though when she gets drunk, she mentions some really goofy stuff.  She always says I’m smothering her, which I find this odd, because half the time it’s her following me around like a puppy dog. Not that I mind her doing so, it’s just I find women really funny in their actions. They always say something, and want something else. That’s a topic for another time though. I do give her credit though she tried to do a large Irish Car bomb like I always do. Of course she couldn’t chug that, but I give her an A for effort. So the night wears on, and I end up at Olympic Star, and it was the Men vs Women there. The girls were sitting at one table, and the men at the other. We were all picking on one Jenny I know who has a communication problem. She doesn’t call no one back ever, alot of us know here Voicemail more then we know her. So we ganged up on her, and made fun of her a bit. A little odd thing about that night, The deaf girl from my earlier tales was there with her boyfriend, my friend. She actually talked to me kind of out of the blue. She asked me my favorite band, and I thought that was odd. I told her my favorite music was Frank Sinatra. Which is the truth, The Summer Wind is my theme song almost. Anyway she called me a romantic, maybe I’ll have to reassess her deaf whore status.

Sunday I spent some time with some Jenny’s i know over coffee and doughnuts. I allowed them to man-bash a little. I thought it’s funny, that it’s their selection of men that’s the shitty thing. There is good men out there, but your not going to find them at Kickoffs at 5am.

Then I had dinner with my family, which was nice. Always enjoy my time with my father. Even though he drives me crazy, and once I almost choked him for trying to restore his own computer, I love him very much.


7 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Nice To Know Im So Easily Replaced, You Boob Licking Man Whore… LOL!

  2. How the hell did you spend $200 on Friday? Didn’t you buy the $25 all you can drink bracelet? How many shots did you do?! That’s insane… That would explain the weird noises you were making in your sleep. Did you know you grind your teeth and talk a lot? I kept telling you to shut up but you just argued with me, saying you weren’t making weird noises. Then I heard Jackass snoring in the other room, sounding like Chewbacca. That was when I decided I would get more sleep at home and left LOL. Thanks for coming out for the party though. As usual, you and Jackass were the entertainment. I’m gonna miss hanging out with you guys for awhile!

  3. If you are referring to this Robin…you will be so disappointed after licking Sherry’s huge ol’ breasts!

  4. OLD?? OLD!!!! I am younger than you Robin! They are huge “young” breasts! LOL

  5. Ladies please don’t fight. It’s not quantity, but quality with me.

    In the movie Last Samurai, the head samurai tells of a story of a man who search for the perfect cherry blossom is a life not wasted, but in the end near death realizes that they are all perfect.

    Thats sorta my philosophy…but with breasts.

  6. haha… you are a freak. Were you breastfed by any chance?

  7. Nope bottle fed, so I was deprived.

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