The IT Blues

So today I had a device giving me a loopback on my network. In laymans terms I had a phone fucking up. First I thought it was a bad switchThe problem is how do I go about finding it.  Brute force, want to find a squirrel, burn down the forest. I had to first find out where the issue was, unplug the switchs one by one, and replug them in. Then once located unplug all the devices, thats right all the phones, and introduce them back to the network.  There was more, but I don’t want to bore you.


Bottomline it was a rough fricking day, so you don’t get a real post. Hey now I get to go to class, and work on Windows Server 2008…yeah.


2 Responses to “The IT Blues”

  1. Sounds like you need a Jack and Coke. Hope your day gets better. 🙂


    shufffle those papers my friend

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