I like it Rough

but not that rough, it’s been a rough couple days. Yesterday just network went all to shite. The day before I promised an old friend mother I would help her with computer problems. So after work I went over there. 4 hours later I was done, the computer had Hard drive issues, and I had to teach her a bunch of stuff.

Now I don’t mind the work, but I am a little peeved. Ok this is an old, old friends mother. She was practically my second mom. I wouldn’t of charged her a fricking cent. Would of been nice if she offered me something, a glass of water even.  This friend I don’t see maybe once a year if that. I understand he’s lives elsewhere, got a government job, wife kids, and all that. I don’t begrudge him his life, and he doesn’t need to talk to me every day. Not saying I’m any less of a friend to him, but we’re not as close as we once were. 

I don’t mind doing computer work for friends, and family. I have a little talent in something, and if I can make their lives better and save them some money in the process it’s all good.  All I ask is you make me an offer. I’ll refuse 99% of the time (unless I’m broke, or it cost me out of pocket), but the offer is nice. I usually ask for a bottle of booze, or a meal. I figure a 20 dollar bottle of booze or going to geek squad and paying 150 is a good trade-off.

So if you have a friend, whether is a mechanic, doctor, computer guy, etc.  and your friend does a service for you that saves you some money. Do the right thing offer them something, show some appreciation. Might want to start with a glass of water.


8 Responses to “I like it Rough”

  1. Speak on it my brotha! Remember the other day when I sent you that email with the router question? Well, the next day, I verified that it wasn’t working, installed a new one, did all the configurations, and troubleshooted the file sharing issues. Did I get one thank you? Hell no! Do I get paid extra for doing a task that isn’t even in my job description? Of course not. Instead, I got nothing but hassle as every 5 minutes I was asked if I was done yet. Before I arrived here, they had to get service calls for any IT issues. Guys that charge 60 bucks per hour, not including parts or anything. I saw the old bills. Since I have taken over the IT responsibilities, I have noticed that its a thankless job.

  2. I agree, it is rude when people don’t even offer. Like you, I probably wouldn’t even accept anything, but it’s nice to hear the offer. I get a lot of that with my job too. Going to people’s houses and telling them what their house is worth knowing damn well they aren’t going to be putting it up on the market, or they are going to do it for sale by owner. Without even getting the courtesy of a glass of water. Or my favorite is when they get all drunk and text me in the middle of the night about a house they’ve seen online and they wake me up…maybe we should start hanging with a more respectful crowd Riv. I’m sorry your friend’s family was being a douche. People suck sometimes.

  3. Oh, River. That is the worst case of bad manners I think I have ever heard of. Grr.


    preach on nora. hey riv, i was just wondering would u like a glass of water?

  5. theerivs Says:

    Better be some fricking Jack in that water if your pouring guy.

  6. Jack and water? blah… River, you will drink anything.

  7. BTW… I wonder which post will get more hits… this one or the Deaf Girl Sex one????

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