Interesting development.

So I use to do the whole internet dating thing back in the day, well after my run in with some psychos I don’t do it anymore. I do still have my profiles on some dating sites though, and once in a blue moon I get a shot across the bow. Some girl that finds me interesting, and wants to chat or something like that. I usually ignore these types of things, cause well I don’t feel like having a tire slashed…again.

The night before last though one came across that piqued my interest. She played video games. So I decided what the hell. Blew off the dust, and fired up the Yahoo Messenger.  Talked to her for a bit. It was nice. I talked to her again last night, and saw some pics. She’s really nice looking.  Alas I don’t think nothing will come of it, maybe a new friend. She lives all the way in Peoria, and though it would be cool to have a girlfriend into video games, and an uber geek. I think the novelty would wear off quickly, I may be a geek, but I’m a rare breed of geek. I need to go out, and be social, and yes Mike, go get stinking drunk. ALL THE TIME!. LOL!

We’ll see. Fate is a strange mistress.

7 Responses to “Interesting development.”

  1. What a douche!

  2. Good luck, Riv. You never know what can happen in those situations. Who’s to say she’s not the one for you? If it’s true what people say about everyone having a solemate out there, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to only live within a 10 mile radius of you. Just keep getting to know her, like you said, if it doesn’t work out, you might just gain a new friend. Keep us posted!

  3. Veddy intarestink! I like the sounds of the potential.


    just be careful she might be better than u warcraft. lol

  5. Oh snap! What if she could out tank your ass?

  6. Just something else to remember… when meeting for the first time, ALWAYS check for the Adams Apple.

  7. Peroria isn ‘t that far away these days. Now, if you whad to rely on horse and bugyy yo might have some issues. It’s cool that she’s a gamer too. I agree with the others, get to know her. The least you will hopefully gain is a woman you can chat about games with. How cool is that? I met a fabulous man that way. In fact, he’s my daughter’s father, and he lived all the way in Idaho. I’m in Maryland.

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