Friday Hangover

So normally I don’t drink during the weekdays. Ususally I’m a good boy Monday through Thursday. Ah not yesterday. I don’t know had a bug up my ass or what. I went drinking. Well it’s dollar bottles, so it’s cheap. I went to JWH, it was nuts with all the college kids, but I felt like Maurice Chevalier singing “Thank Heaven, for Little Girls.” …Yea alot younglings there.  Then I went to Teehans, and Durbins. I got to admit I got a little snookered. Even called my Cuz, when Changes came on.  Went to new bar Baileys cause their opened to 3am. As I was drinking there, a couple Jenny’s were there, and they were talking to me. Then this older guy around his mid 50’s came up to them started manhandled them, and he gave me a look.  I just snapped.   I go, “What the fuck you looking at old man?”  It was on from there. I kinda draw a blank, but I remember telling him, “To back the fuck out the door before I break his hip.!”  It took eight people to hold me back. I finally listened to reason, and went out the back door outside to cool down.

Yea cuz…Angry guy’s bigger uglier cousin Angrier guy showed up.

So after that I needed a drink, I went to Dendrino’s, then stopped at Olympic Star for a little breakfast.

As I write this I am running on no sleep, with a Dendrinos bracelet on, and I think I’m still kind of drunk.


4 Responses to “Friday Hangover”

  1. You are losing it.

  2. theerivs Says:

    I lost it some time ago, my friend. I just fake normalcy.

  3. Try and get it back then lol.


    well played angrier guy. i like the hip comment. 2pac 4 life. lol

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