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Drunk Calls

Posted in Barlife with tags on April 3, 2009 by theeriver

Last night a friend gave me a few texts, though there was a little loss of sleep there. I do love getting drunk call, and texts. I also love giving it right back.  My cousin calling me up saying he’s got a song for me, which is either Tiny Dancer, or a 2pac song. Jackass rambling into my phone making no sense. Chicks screaming into my phone screaming, “Where are you?”, or “Sorry to hear about your Vagina!” 

I also love doing them to others, one time I called my cousin an xray tech told him I’m coming to the hospital to xray my nutsack. Called my aunt to complain one of my cousins didnt do a shot with me, or my latest called everyone on my phone list looking for Turkey Bacon…extra crisp .