Haunted Tales

The Ouija Board has long been thought of as a conduit to the spirit world by some, or a massive hoax by others. Well I couldn’t tell you the truth of the matter, but I have had an experience with it.

My friend Gus, and I were fooling around in a friends garage with one, yes we were drinking a tosh, but not enough where it would skew my senses to what happened.

Gus thought it would be funny to go right to the source of evil, Satan.  We both had one finger on the planchette (the thing that points the letters and numbers out).  He uttered, ” I call upon Satan, if you are here give us a sign”

Now for a few seconds, nothing. Then the planchette started to move. First it went to the number 6, it moved away a little bit, then once more it moved to the number 6, then it moved away a bit. Then it moved towards the 6 one more time, but me and Gus removed are fingers. So the planchette stopped short of the number 6.  Which of course would make 666.

Now as Gus and me just removed our fingers, we started to argue saying the other person moved the planchette, but 2 seconds later the planchette flew off the table as if someone slapped it off.

We just looked at each other, and bolted outside, not saying a word about the experience until a week later.


6 Responses to “Haunted Tales”

  1. What a load of crap!

  2. I kind of agree with Mike on that one. LOL. River, were you smoking something along with drinking?

  3. theerivs Says:

    Sherry, Gus sometimes hits the bars with me. I’ll tell him to tell you the story if we see him. It’s true, and I’ve smoked, and did alot of other stuff, and nothing this trippy happened to me.

  4. I haved shared this story many times with others, and they never believe me either. I don’t blame them because I am amongst the biggest skeptics ever. However, this story is totally and completely true. And the only smoking that may have been involved was possibly some swisher sweets and some virginia slims that bob and i stole from his mom.

  5. Well if you were two guys smoking Virginia Slims, then it all makes sense now. The Devil was probably just trying to toughen you up a bit.

  6. Tell ya what, that shit is a conduit to who knows what. I believe yalls.

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