Annual Review

Well a little bit of good news, I got my annual review. I’m doing a great job, my boss gave me the maximum raise he could give which is cool.

There was a scene in the movie Old School where Frank the Tank gives a speech, he blacks out and just spews forth this awesome tirade, then he comes to, asking what just happened.  That’s how I feel sometimes like my computer knowledge just comes from another place. Like those mentally challenged people that have an awesome skill, but can’t even wipe their own butts. I feel like a computer idiot savant sometimes, not knowing how I do things, I just do them. 

I grew up on Computers, then when I went to find myself  in 1992, I didn’t even touch a computer until 1997, well maybe an ATM or register. It’s funny how life works. I spent those 5 years trying to deny that geeky part of me, only to return to it later.  I remember stepping into Governors State University, and then Windows 95 was the big thing, I didn’t even know what that was. I learned from almost scratch, but learned it I did.  

It’s one of the few things in my life I can be proud of.

This summer I will be studying for Microsoft Certs, I was certified in an older operating system, but now it’s time to update.  It’l be some work, but I’m confident I can get it done.


One Response to “Annual Review”

  1. Good job Riv!!! Congrats on your raise! Don’t worry, you will always be a geek to me. 🙂

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