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Monday Hangover

Posted in Barlife, River on April 20, 2009 by theeriver

Well it was an interesting weekend to say the least…well what I remember of it anyway…

It all started on Friday. After the week I had, I was ready just to get hammered, and have some fun. Well a friend of mine, Jenny had a birthday reverse bar crawl. What the hell is that you may ask. Well normally on a bar crawl, you go to a bunch of bars, then you end up at a late night bar thats open later then the rest, then finally you go get some food. This bar crawl was reversed, she started out getting something to eat, then hit Dendrenos (a 4am bar), then to a couple of other bars, ending up at J.W. Hollstiens, or JWH as the in people call it.  Jackass and I don’t like eating before going out, it weighs ya down. So we hit Durbins first, within 10 minutes of being there people bought us like 5 shots.  We wolfed those down. Then we met the barcrawl at Dendrenos, had a few there. The Barcrawl left for another bar, while me and Jackass went straight to JWH, for an All you can drink special.  We drank all we could. Don’t really remember alot, but here are some reports I got back.

1. Gay Moment : The band Hey Jimmy, which by the way was good, played A-HA “Take on Me”, I jumped up and down very effeminately, clapping.

2. Usual licking of the Boobs.- Yes some boobs were licked.

3. I guess I gave a girl my number – she looked like a Gorgon from all accounts.

4. It seems like when Jackass, and me went to Olympic Star later that night, or technically morning. I got into it with a girl. She asked if I was gay, I said, “So what if I am? Are you Homophobic, Are you a Nazi?”  She offered me her pancakes, I screamed, ” I don’t want your Hatemongering Pancakes!”

Thats all I got for you now, I woke up at my friends house with a Pan next to me, he thought I was going to puke. I didn’t, I’m proud of myself.

Saturday was a little milder. I just drank a few. I went out to support one of my Favorite bands. Rendition. Good guys. They even played one of my favorite songs. Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going to Take It”. By the way that got something coming up called Rendoke, where it’s karoake played along with them. Sounds fun. I will really need to check that out.

So after having some fun at JWH with Rendition. I started to cruise over to Teehans for my usual Irish Car bomb. There was my cuz, and the Wolf (our friend). Well we squashed our beef, after hashing things out. Though angry guy was out, and I knew no good would come of it. Later that night a couple guys came up to Olympic Star looking for my Cousin. I guess some words were said.  I told those guys, “First this is Olympic Star, no trouble gets started here. If there is, I’ll drag your carcass to Jewel, and fucking crush your head like a cantaloupe. Second, He isn’t here, Thirdly, I don’t care what your beef is with my cousin. No way am I allowing you to lay a hand on him.” Well they tried to cop an attitude., saying they got no problem with me, and such.  They finally took off, I was so laughing to myself.  My cousin would mop the floor with those mangina’s I almost wish my Cuz was up there.  Then I thought, what baby shit, it felt like I was in High School again.

So after a night of drinking,  Sunday I got a call at 830am…power went out at work, I had to go to ensure systems were ok. Fuck ComEd, Fuck em for free.