Lucy Pinder, Shemales, and Deaf Girl Sex

Seems to drive up the viewing of my blog, so who says I can’t do a little pandering to my audience.

I find it funny that people actually look at my blog hoping to find that nugget of information that will drive them wild with orgasmic delight. It’s humourous to me in this sick world that I’m one of the most hit upon websites for deaf girl sex. I’m like top 10 in google, at least I was.

It’s a sick world we live in sometimes….then again what is normal, and what isn’t. Who am I to say if watching people lick feet gets your rocks off is wrong? Fetishes, and the like we all have them. There are dark thoughts, abnormal ones that swirl into the vortex that is the chaos of our thoughts.

To have these thoughts, and to act on them are two different things. Even if you did act on them is it wrong, as long as no one is hurt in the process I don’t believe so….well unless you get off on getting hurt. Thats a discussion for another time.

All I am trying to say, is that we as a people should not judge others for their freakiness, for even the bible says, “Ye without sin, cast the first stone.”

I don’t know about you but I got alot of sins, and I’m all out of stones.


P.S. Lucy is HAWT!


8 Responses to “Lucy Pinder, Shemales, and Deaf Girl Sex”

  1. She is one fine piece of ass.

  2. So Riv, if everyone has fetishes, what’s yours?

  3. Nothing major….just to tie a chick up, put lotion on her skin, slay her and wear that skin like a coat.



    Seriously I have a little thing for Asian chicks. Thats about it.


    put the f….ing lotion in the basket!! lol

  5. You are all a bunch of sick fucks. I’m so glad that I’m perfect and have no fetishes. 😉

  6. Does anyone know the connection between Whipped Cream and Turkey? Sherry knows. HAHAHA

  7. River! You better wear a cup next time I see you or you are going to have some permanet testicular damage done. LOL.

    … your comment made it sound so much worse than it really is! LMAO

  8. She is great; yay for keywords.

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