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Video Friday

Posted in General Life on May 29, 2009 by theerivs

I’m bringing this back..well cause I’m lazy today. This video is a little old, but it’s funny as hell

Tales of a High School Jock

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When I was in High School. I was in Football, Wrestling, and Track. I ran the 100 meter hurdle, just kidding Shotput and Discus. I really sucked at Track, but it was so I can stay in shape, and lift weights during spring and summer. I never really consider myself a Jock, I hung out with a motley crew. I ate lunch with some of the biggest thugs in H.S.  I never dated a cheerleader. 

Anywho, I really never got injured too much in playing sports. Once or twice though I did, and when i did there was no pampering or babying like we do now. This one time took place at a Track Meet at Oak Forest. We use to warm up before the meet as a team. So I’m standing there doing my stretches. *THUNK* Next thing I’m being woken up by my teammates who are all bewildered.  As I came to, a stabbing pain is coursing through my head. I said, ” What the hell happened?”

One of my fellow Shotput guys said, “It was a golfball, it came from nowhere, and hit you in the head.”  I got up, and though I was in a little bit of pain, a little delerious, and probably a whole lot of concussed. I went looking for the perpertrator. I looked around and saw the golf team practicing off to the distance. Well they probably didn’t realize they lost one of there balls. I was going to give it back.

I started to walk over, and started screaming cuss words that would make a sailor blush. “Hey which one of you Mother Fuckers hit me in the head, SPEAK THE FUCK UP, OR I WILL TAKE YOUR CLUBS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS!!!”  Meantime the rest of my team showed up, and some tough guys from Oak Forest decided to show up.  Well things were getting pretty heated. Then the Coaches showed up. They broke it up.  The Coach looks at me and goes, “Jesus Christ Cavelle, what the hell happened to your head.”  I told him what happened. He goes, “You know your name is Cavelle right?”  I replied, “Yes Coach.”  Coach goes, “Ok I’ll give you the day off from throwing, but suck it up. Quit being a pussy.”

Well my head hurt like a bitch, I had the biggest bump on my head for like ever. It shrunk, but I still have a little bump where that golf ball hit me. Thats how we were though we sucked it up, and kept on going.


Here I stand.

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Today #1, was talking about getting older…called me saggy balls. LOL!

Sometimes I am in amazement, that I wake up and draw another breath. I am honored to get one more day of my life. For no matter how bad I complain, or things get I always know it could be worse. Sure my life isn’t perfect, who’s is.  Though I usually look at the glass, and see it half empty, I need to remind myself coming from where I come from, I’m lucky to have a glass, let alone anything in it.

It’s funny, I never thought I would make it to middle-age, yet here I am. I almost didn’t make it. Actually I am shocked I did make it.  I’ve got a good job, I’ve got a good family, I’ve got the greatest friends, roof over my head, and food in my belly.

I hate bringing in religious overtones, but I am truly blessed.  My life has been a ping pong match, one day I’m sitting in jail, the next moment college, one moment a great state job, the next the unemployment line, one moment checking ID’s at a door of the bar, the next checking IP’s of servers holding data for a company.

One thing you can say about my life, it ain’t boring.  This year I turn 37, facing straight on to 40.  People loathe getting older, not me. I look forward to surviving another year.  I look forward to the new adventures my life may bring.

funny site

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Found this funny.

Drunk Sign Language.

Tuesday Hangover

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Ugh…Holiday Weekends. My Liver dreads them indeed.  Friday, I went out to see my favorite band the Hat Guys. I absolutely love them…well any band that plays Morris Day is on the top of my list.  Just a good, funky band that is all about having fun…just like me. So I met some friends out, we had a few. Then I did the Teehans, and Durbins, I think I’m developing a crush on a girl thats a bartender at Durbins, she so nice and cute, but I think she is real young…like early 20’s.  I think maybe I’m becoming a dirty old man.

Saturday, I actually stayed in, and relaxed. I think my family thought I was ill, and my liver went into shock.

Sunday…ah Sunday is a different story. I met up with Jackass around noon, and the wonder twin powers activated. We started at Durbins, and had a few there, then we moved to Hollstiens to watch the Hawks get crushed. A couple of Jenny’s joined us, I gotta say they hung in with us all day, little stuff like that impresses me. Ok I had a Batman shirt on, at some point I had a cape on, and straws sticking out of my head. I guess I was supposed to be Batman. I also got a foam sword from somewhere. There were dance battles a plenty.

At one point, I just had my fill. So I went back to Jackass’s to crash around 2am. So I got maybe a good 30-40 minutes of relaxation…then here comes Jackass, and Jenny #1. Whom I shall refer to as #1 from now on because she has distinguished herself above and beyond other Jenny’s. So #1, and Jackass decide I shouldn’t be sleeping. They started steamrolling me, which means laying on me, and rolling all over me. Then #1 decides that my balls are to hairy, and the hair needs to be burned off. She take a BBQ lighter, and tries to light my balls aflame. At one point of the night Jackass decides to piledrive his glass coffeetable. Yeah thats right glass everywhere, then Jackass decides that he is stupid, takes a chunk of glass and breaks it over his head.  Oh dear, Glass everywhere, I had chunks of glass on me. It was a very Kafka-esque evening to say the least.

Monday – I just relaxed, and took a Jenny to the movies, saw Terminator Salvation, which was really good, and then out to eat to a place called Leona’s an Italian Joint which was great food, at a great price.

All in all a good weekend, well except Jackass needs a new coffee table…..though that’s pretty much why he’s dubbed Jackass.

My Robot Army

Posted in Computers on May 22, 2009 by theerivs

What is it about Robots, little boys love?  Do all young men wish to have a Robot Army as I do?

Robotics is one of my first loves in computers. Is it wrong to want a Robot Army to do ones bidding. Saw a cool mug the other day. It said Skynet Development Team, and with the Terminator movie, and Transformers movie coming out. It really got me thinking. Maybe it’s not to late. Moraine has Robotics classes, and how cool would that be.

I loved those Robot Wars shows where the teams would wage battle with Robots.  Sure it’s a boyhood dream, but ya never know. If I drop out of sight, and you hear loud noises coming from the basement, I’m building my Robot Army.

New Nerdy Blog

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As you all may know, or may not know. I’m a geek, I play video games, I watch Star Trek, etc.etc.

I started a new blog about games, and other nerdiness here.

“Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad” -Euripides

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I kinda let loose on Facebook, and I shouldn’t have. An old friend of High School has become a religious zealot. He posted something about how God is good to him, and other religious zealots chimed in, one guy said he didn’t believe in God, and they all said how much God loves him, and takes care of him.

Bullshit. God doesn’t love us.  Love is a man-made concept. Bad things happen to good people all the time, and they chalk it up as the “Devil’s work” . God is beyond our way of thinking, neither good nor evil. He simply is.  

Do I believe in God? Sure do.  Do I think Organized religon is bullshit? Sure do.  Though I have to say I do like Catholicism for the simple fact of it’s rituals and dogmatics. It’s almost like a time warp. I feel like strapping on some armor, and go on a crusade.

Here’s my whole thing with God. Ever since I was little Christians been saying that God has a plan for me. Well I don’t like his plan, never have… never will.  In my youth I tried to find ways to rebel, but in the end right now I scream at top of my lungs, “Do your worst!”

Bottomline though whatever my views are on religon, and no matter how warped they are. Facebook is no place to debate such a thing, and I will apologize for such.

I won’t always be around….

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No I ain’t going to die, or anything as melodramatic as that. What I mean is my job might be gone, and I might have to move on. In 2010 my company will be bought out by another. A few things might happen, one of them is I might have to find a job elsewhere, and move.

I’m sure my friends will miss me, and I will miss them dearly.  There are people though in my life that I worry about, they don’t seem as happy as they should be.  I want to ensure that before I ride into the sunset that I tried through all my powers to at least try to find a modicum of happiness for my friends.

So starts the plan, to use all my powers of manipulation, and social engineering skills that I have to find happiness for my friends. For example help one friend get a better job, or find a girlfriend for another friend.

I will find my friends happiness, even if it costs me my own. One of the girls that I want to hook my friend up with, I really do like.  I know it would never work between me and her. For like I said who knows where I will be next year, and like DeNiro said in Heat, “never get involved with anything you can’t walk away from in 30 seconds.”

Of course, all my planning  doesn’t guarantee happiness,  for the “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, also “The path of hell is paved with good intentions” 

The point is at least I tried, and I can leave knowing that I tried.  I’ve already started on the grunt work, the setting of the dominoes if you will.

How the hell?

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Did I make it to middle age. I’m going to be 37 this year. Having my 19 year old niece coming over with her baby, all my friends talking about their kids. Got me thinking…what the hell.  I didn’t think I would make it past 23. I’m serious about that. I almost didn’t make it to this age several times. But here I am.  

I never really had very good adult type skills. I’m not very responsible.  When someone calls me immature, I puff my chest out, and say hell yeah I am.  I’m thankful I don’t have kids, we’d probably be doing shots together. I have a huge Peter Pan complex….I just refuse to grow up, plus i love the green tights, and the little hat. But that’s another issue for a later date.

I never had a plan. Most people I think have plans, even though they might of got sidetracked, or those plans failed..they still had plans. I never really did. I never got up and say…ok here’s what I’m going to do so I’ll be here in 5 years, or 10 years.  I just live my life, one day at a time….and here I am 36 years later.

The amazing thing is that it went by so fast. One minute I’m riding my big wheel, next I’m defraging a hard drive for some a-hole that doesn’t know he shouldn’t surf porn at work.  My grandfather said the older you get the faster the time goes.

One word for that…..Fuck!

 I wonder will there ever come a day when I will have to grow up,  I hope not.