Tales of Drunkery

After I was done bouncing, I would traditional go get a drink at a late night bar. This time it was at Dendrenos a 4am bar, that made the Star Wars Cantina look like it was an Amish bar. 

So me and a Friend went to Dendrenos, and we started to drink…alot.  So we were a little hammered. My friend, we’ll call him Bob. Bob just bought a brand new Nissan Xterra. He goes to me, “Lets go offroading”  Me being a minion of the devil, and thus his advocate goes, “Sure sounds like fun.”

So off we go, we go to a spot near 115th and Cicero, a place he knows. So we start offroading, great fun, jumping hills and doing doughnuts, and other offroading cool stuff. Then we took this huge jump, and land right damn in almost a lake. After an hour  of trying to push the truck out it’s stuck…real good.

So it’s now about 5am, we start hitting the phones. The only person up, and out is my brother. So he comes pick us up. He’s drunk, and in his Camaro with another big guy. We all pile in to his Camaro, and head back to my crib.

We catch some sleep at my crib, go get my car, get some towing straps. We finally get up a friend of ours with a truck. To tow Bob’s Xterra out.

So we get to the spot, in the light of day, it looks worse. The Xterra is in a swamp, and half underwater.  So we progress to tow it out with our friends truck, and our friends truck almost gets stuck, and almost flips over. That would of been bad, but after much sweating and heaving from all of us, we got the Xterra out.

It did start up, and we got the hell out of there. Bob had to wash it 5 times, and there was a clicking sound on it after that that he still can’t get rid off.

The morale of the story, when your drunk…offroading not so good of an idea, especially in a brand new truck.


3 Responses to “Tales of Drunkery”

  1. DUH.

  2. I am going to be judgmental for a brief moment. What a bunch of **** ****ing *****s. Ok, done. lol

  3. theerivs Says:

    When the hell aren’t you judgemental????

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