Blogging slow down.

If you must know, Here’s the post I was working on when the internet crashed.

I don’t know maybe I’m getting burnout or something. I closed my video game blog, and just don’t have it in me to write on this blog that much anymore. I’ve been blogging for over a year, and I had some ups and downs with it. Some funny discussions over it, even some drama.

Maybe it’s run it’s course, and I need to start working on other stuff. I’m going to think about it.



3 Responses to “Blogging slow down.”

  1. I enjoy blogging most when not taking things too seriously. I have enjoyed the spirited debates but most times its just everyone blowing hot air. Its much more enjoyable when the mood is kept light.

  2. Something to consider, try talking about different things. 99% of your topics involve or revolve around getting hammered. That horse has been beaten to a pulp. I’m sure you have other things to say. You are creative and opinionated. Why not branch out?

  3. This “slowing down the blogging” is for the birds.

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