Monday Hangover

Is this going to be another drunken debauchery tale yes…

Thursday I finished my Windows 2008 Server Final. So I decided to go out for a few with my classmates, and teacher. Went to Hackneys. I have not been there for years. Hackneys is this old time Irish Pub place, which I think has alot of character. It was dead, I felt sorry for them, but it was a good time with the people i spent the semester with. Then I hit the Oak Park Avenue circuit. I don’t really like hitting Oak Park Avenue on Thursdays, just alot of young punks go out on cheap beer nights. I’ve been there…done that. I had a few at each bar, seeing people I like, and some I don’t like.

Friday I went to a bar called North Beach in Downers Grove, which is about 30 to 40 minutes north of where live.  I got a hotel room cause I knew I was going to get tore up, from the floor up. To me DUI is not worth it at all.   It was nice to see all my old FTD buddies, and meet some of the new people. I really enjoyed the people there, but the management were asshats.  I drank so much…I really don’t know what happened at the end of the night. Everyone from FTD left, I was alone by the end of the night. I don’t blame them not many mortals can hang with me.  Here’s where it gets real…real hazy. I remember just staring into my drink, and a cute bodied chick with not so cute face asked me if I was ok…I said, ” I am now….” . Next thing remember is, I woke up there was a chick sleeping next to me, and in the other bed another chick and dude. We were all fully clothed, so I really don’t think there was too much funny business, I do remember making out though.  Through much thought racking, I think I started talking to this chick, and I invited her and her friends back to the hotel room to drink my booze, and they drank it. Between us we drank 2 fifths of booze. So yea we passed out. I politely kicked them out, and got the chicks number. In the light of day, the body was still cute, but the face…not as good as I thought drunk. I then went home.

One thing that I get a kick out of, I have a different nickname in the Western Burbs. They call me Heater, or Heat. Not River.  I find it kind of cool I go by many different names…sorta like the Devil. LOL!

Saturday- after a nap, I forgot to mention I went out with this chick, and went out to dinner. Went to a japanese/thai place called Asian Harbor. The food was great, and pretty decent price. I recommend it highly. So we went back to her place, and just talked and had some Ice Cream. She got tired, so I left and met up with Jackass, and hit the streets.  The new park benches are out in Tinley,every year they make park benches artistically shaped, and modeled with a theme,  they look really awesome, they are all old time cartoons this year, like Tom and Jerry, and Fred Flinstone. One of them is Bugs Bunny is holding a carrot, near his crotchal area. How drunk did we get, I got a picture of Jackass sucking a carrot, and he looks like he’s sucking Bugs penis. Pure comedy gold.

Sunday – The Hawks played, and JWH had a drink special 25 bucks…all you can drink, and I drank all I could.  I was really, really hammered.  Later that night I stopped by Durbins, and a waitress started talking to me. Oh my god, she was nuts. She started talking to me about her exe’s and drug problems, she kept burping like a dude, and doing a sundry of other crazy stuff.  Finally, I was like..ok I gotta go. Went back to JWH, and sobered up. I found out one Jenny is really into Scifi, and fantasy. I find that interesting cause I would of never thought that this girl was into that type of stuff. It’s a rare treat that a girl can talk Star trek with you, and actually knows who the hell Doctor Who is.

I spent ALOT of money this week, but you can’t put a price on moments shared with friends, because one of these days no amount of money are going to be able to bring a friend, or maybe you back to have a fun time.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I feel bad for the chick you picked up in Downers Grove. You snore like a freight train. I bet her and her friends are still making fun of your for it LOL

  2. oh BTW… thanks for coming back to your blog. Making fun of you in person was getting pretty boring. 🙂

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