Tuesday Hangover

Ugh…Holiday Weekends. My Liver dreads them indeed.  Friday, I went out to see my favorite band the Hat Guys. I absolutely love them…well any band that plays Morris Day is on the top of my list.  Just a good, funky band that is all about having fun…just like me. So I met some friends out, we had a few. Then I did the Teehans, and Durbins, I think I’m developing a crush on a girl thats a bartender at Durbins, she so nice and cute, but I think she is real young…like early 20’s.  I think maybe I’m becoming a dirty old man.

Saturday, I actually stayed in, and relaxed. I think my family thought I was ill, and my liver went into shock.

Sunday…ah Sunday is a different story. I met up with Jackass around noon, and the wonder twin powers activated. We started at Durbins, and had a few there, then we moved to Hollstiens to watch the Hawks get crushed. A couple of Jenny’s joined us, I gotta say they hung in with us all day, little stuff like that impresses me. Ok I had a Batman shirt on, at some point I had a cape on, and straws sticking out of my head. I guess I was supposed to be Batman. I also got a foam sword from somewhere. There were dance battles a plenty.

At one point, I just had my fill. So I went back to Jackass’s to crash around 2am. So I got maybe a good 30-40 minutes of relaxation…then here comes Jackass, and Jenny #1. Whom I shall refer to as #1 from now on because she has distinguished herself above and beyond other Jenny’s. So #1, and Jackass decide I shouldn’t be sleeping. They started steamrolling me, which means laying on me, and rolling all over me. Then #1 decides that my balls are to hairy, and the hair needs to be burned off. She take a BBQ lighter, and tries to light my balls aflame. At one point of the night Jackass decides to piledrive his glass coffeetable. Yeah thats right glass everywhere, then Jackass decides that he is stupid, takes a chunk of glass and breaks it over his head.  Oh dear, Glass everywhere, I had chunks of glass on me. It was a very Kafka-esque evening to say the least.

Monday – I just relaxed, and took a Jenny to the movies, saw Terminator Salvation, which was really good, and then out to eat to a place called Leona’s an Italian Joint which was great food, at a great price.

All in all a good weekend, well except Jackass needs a new coffee table…..though that’s pretty much why he’s dubbed Jackass.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Hangover”

  1. Riv, you’ve got some crazy friends. What kind of people, over 30, still steamroll others, and try to light people’s balls on fire? Looks like they have a little growing up to do. haha.

    Your NUMBER 1 fan…

  2. theerivs Says:

    Yeah just a little growing up to do.

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