What is happening to my beloved South Suburbs

I have lived in the South Suburbs of Chicago for most of my life. Sure I did a few years here and there, but they will always be my home. Tinley Park is my town, I moved there when I was 4, it’s all I ever knew. It started off as mostly farms, not I don’t think there’s all but one or two farms left in Tinley. We have a major amphitheatre, more shopping you can shake a stick at, a new store pops up somewhere it seems daily.

With all this progress, there seems to come a bad element. Lately some young women got brutally murdered to the town north of us. Recently we had a multiple homicide at a Lane Bryant right here in Tinley. 

Is progress worth it?  I am not one who denies sometimes change is good, but is it always good?  I remember walking the streets of Tinley at 11pm at night and it would be a long while I see a car on even the busiest street. Now we have traffic jams that rival the city.

For good or worse, the town I grew up in is not the same, and I miss the old Tinley Park.


15 Responses to “What is happening to my beloved South Suburbs”

  1. Your logic is flawed. Rather than explain it, just see wiki example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_hoc_ergo_propter_hoc

    Good day.

  2. theerivs Says:

    No it is not flawed logic. Because of this event, this happened argument.

    It’s simple statistics, more people, means more likelihood of more crime, some of that violent crime.

    You take 10 people, that know each other what is the likelihood of them stealing from each other. Take 1000, that don’t know each other your probably going to get one that steals from another.

    Simple mathematics…ya douchebag.

    • Ok, jackass, let me break it down for you then. It is flawed because there are more factors involved than population. Here is a prime example.

      City 1: Austin, Texas
      Population: 743,074

      City 2: Atlanta, Georgia
      Population: 497,290

      According to FBI statistics, Atlanta leads Austin in nearly every major crime statistic including a violent crime ratio of 3 to 1. Clearly, that disproves your over simplistic, shortsighted theory. So, stop pulling shit out your ass and really try to figure out why your town is going south rather than directly attributing it to growth without proof.

  3. He told you! Daaammmmnnn Gina!

    • See my above response. Riv loves to oversimplify things and here is no exception.

      • theerivs Says:

        Mike likes to overcomplicate things…here is no expemtion…sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

        Wait who the hell is Gina?

  4. theerivs Says:

    Mike, you ignorant slut. Ok in my original post I said growth, you forget one aspect of growth besides Population, size of the city in which the people reside. More people within a confined space your going to get more problems. Stick 5 people in a studio apt your going to get more issues, then 5 people in a mansion.

    Austin is 251.5 Sq miles.
    Atlanta is 132.2 Sq Miles.

    Again simple statisitics.

  5. Those stats don’t mean shit and you want to know why? Most of that area you speak of is is empty hill land that isn’t even used. Austin may be large in diameter but the majority of people live in a small zone within the city. Also, people moving in to the city aren’t spreading out, they are going up, as in sky rise apartment condos. Also, I could just as easily find an example that fits my argument that again disproves your confined space theory. You are totally disregarding the biggest factor of all.

    The fucking “kinds” of people! You can put 2 douchebags in a mansion and I’m willing to bet they are going to find reasons to fight with each other.

  6. @ River – You honestly just asked me who “Gina” was? Don’t you ever watch TV? That was a classic repeated line in the television series Martin. (Shakes head, I am so disappointed in you)

    River, Mike does have a point there, but so do you. He is right about the different kinds of people. For instance, I’m sure if we put you and Mike in a mansion together, you guys would find reasons to fight with eachother. But honestly, I think it would be Mike starting it LOL. But River does have a point too. Larger populations do tend to mean a higher crime rate.

  7. Yes, higher populations tend to have higher crime rate. What I am arguing, however, is that they are not solely related to each other. There are many other factors involved. I don’t have to prove it, this is fact. Otherwise, in Riv’s simplistic world, there would be no crime problems because the solution would be to just widen the city. Have you ever given thought that maybe, just maybe, if your town got more normal people instead of douchebags you would be fine with the new Banana Republics they drop down there? lol

  8. Douchebags are everywhere… I think that in a larger town, there is just more opportunity for them to get into trouble. Larger population tends to have more commercial and residential areas (at least in the Chicagoland area). Sure, people can get into trouble in an open field too, but it’s much more fun to cause trouble in an area that the risk of getting caught is higher.

    BTW… We aren’t really a Banana Republic area… we are more of a Target, Kohl’s area. If you would ever come out here to visit, you’d see that.

  9. theerivs Says:

    Mike knows full well if he came to visit me, his liver would never be the same…again.

  10. Right, larger populations can have more douchebag per capita but the real question is what is the cause of the actual douchebag insurgence? Simply pointing out that there are more more people, thus more douchebags in town doesn’t answer that question. Look at what kind of people are coming in. Are they building a lot of low income housing? Stats tend to equate poverty and increased crime. Perhaps there is a correlation there. Also, what are the motivations of the criminals behind these crimes? Why are they doing what they are doing? When you focus on these types of questions, its easier to gain a better understanding of what is really behind these types of issues.

  11. Mike, are you scared to come out here because you are afraid of Liver damage and the effects of low income housing? Is this the reason River wasn’t invited to your birthday party? I really did have a terrific time. Thanks again for the invite. Can’t wait for next years bash.

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