Monday Hangover

Friday, I visited my Grandparents, and then relaxed.

Saturday different story indeed. I did my sonly duty, helped my Mom out then….went drinking. Met Jackass at Durbins, and started to do shots like no tomorrow. Then met Donny there too. Oh boy it was on. I think in the hour I was there I did like 10 shots.

I had a birthday party to go to that evening, but before then I had to stop at a friends house, he was in with his family from the army. I invited him out, but I knew he would decline, his wife and kids were there. Also a friend was there, that I don’t really want to see, not that he’s a bad friend.  It is me who is the bad friend, I’ll get into that another day. Let me just say this, he has developed a mental illness, and it makes me really sad to talk to him because he is really not in touch with reality all too well.

Before I even got to the party, I started to get the calls. “What did you do to Jackass, he’s messed up?”  LOL!. Yes he was. So I went to this Jenny’s birthday party. It was really nice. Someone brought Jewel Salsa, I can’t believe it was pretty damn good.  I got called an asshole by the Jenny, who’s bday it was. That’s par for the course.  This Jenny, I can’t tell if she likes me, or hates my guts.  Hardest chick to read, ever…and I’m usually pretty good on that.

So the party then went to Blue Fox.  It was nice, this Jenny’s mom came up there. Jackass bought the Mom a big draft beer, and the Mom goes “Gee, that’s really large.” Jackass replied, “Your daughter tells me that all the time” Just stunned silence by everyone, but me I was laughing my ass off.  

Everyone was going to go to Baileys, but as I thought about it. I really didn’t want to go to Baileys because of the fight I got up there, I didn’t want to run into that guy again, cause I would break his fricking hip. Yea I’m still angry at that douchebag.  Plus I have this issue sometimes which I will talk about at a later date. I like to disappear. Not that anyone ever notices me gone, I think that’s why I do it. It’s hard to explain.

So I left the group, I went to JWH, and then Teehans. Jackass caught up to me, and we started to Irish Car Bombs, like they were going out of style.  Dear lord, I did about 4 of them, the large pint sized ones, and I almost heaved. I was really hammered now.

Went to Durbins, don’t really remember too much. Met up with my brother, and The Bishop, that’s the guys nickname. Cause my brother is the Pope, this guy is his Bishop. I was dancing with Birthday Jenny’s friends. Alot of hazy parts indeed. Jackass lost his keys, and walked back to Baileys.   I was dancing with this little redhead, she was really cute is all I can remember.

Then me, bro, Bishop went to Dendrenos, we picked up Jackass at Baileys. Ok I don’t remember much there, except Jackass was talking to thee ugliest chicks. I was like that’s it, we gotta go.   

Went to Olympic Star, some highlights, Jackass pulled his pants down, Why I don’t know. He farted in someone’s food, did we know them? nope. Then Jackass walked to his parents house, which is like 5 miles away.

Really a great night, but alot of missing holes in the ole memory.  Bottomline I had fun, then again I always do for the most part.

Sunday, I don’t roll on Shabbos. For those that don’t know that’s from the film “The Big Lebowski” It’s an awesome movie, check it out.


5 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. You need new friends. Enough said.


    only if it constitutes an emergency!!

  3. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Those people who pull stunts like leaving a party to see if people notice if they are gone are attention seeking. Of course we noticed you were gone and of course you were missed. It pisses me off to even have to justify that to you. I totally respect the fact that you were avoiding a fight, but the other excuse is bull.

  4. daaaaammmmnnnn…. what do you have to say for yourself now Riv?

    BTW, You better be using the FlowBee right now.

  5. Robin misunderstood me, I really don’t know why I disappear. I was speculating, and it’s I was just following my thought flow. Maybe it’s just ADD. It could be a myriad of other reasons. It’s not a stunt, nor do I ever plan it.

    It’s not feeling sorry for me, those that know me best. Would know I prefer not to be missed. I want them to be happy without me. I have come to realize in my life, that life is a fragile thing. One minute your here, the next your not.

    Tomorrow I’m going to give you a River history lesson. Might be a little late, I have to go to my other work location tomorrow, and I gotta get a new hire settles.

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