Tale from the Jail

If you are a reader of my sordid tales you know I spent a little time in jail, not much, but enough to have a tale or two.

So when I was arrested one time, I was sitting in the holding cell with about 6 other people.  Usually cause there is never shit to do in prison we usually get to talking.

One topic is what are we in for, because in jail we’re all innocent. It’s never what we did, or did not do. It is what are we in for.

So we go around telling others what we are in for, some of them are pretty bad, no I won’t tell you exact details of why I was there. I will tell you this, I belonged there.  I was in esteem company indeed, for there were murderers, and drug dealers….a plenty. We get to the final guy, a black dude, and he goes, “Holy shit, I’m in with some hardened criminals, I just stole a 50 dollar drill from Kmart. I’m in the wrong place, Guards! These mother fuckers are crazy, get me out.”

We just all started laughing. He continued, “Damn, these police grouping me up with the likes of you people, I’m fucked”

It was funny, and funny moments in jail are very rare.


11 Responses to “Tale from the Jail”

  1. If I were to take this story with a grain of salt, as I have been instructed, then I would guess that you were actually the black dude who stole the Kmart drill.

  2. theerivs Says:

    No I only steal Craftsman, even thieves have standards.

  3. The real question here is this… What was the food like?

  4. theerivs Says:

    How do i put it nicely, If you offered to cook me dinner again, I would start looking for a bank to rob.

  5. Listen River… you might complain about my cooking all you want, but I saw you take THREE helpings of it! So kiss my chef-boy-ar-dee ass! 😛

  6. theerivs Says:

    I consider it penance for my wicked life.

  7. Ummm… Nora, where are you? I need a little estrogen backup here… Mike has some, but not enough LOL

  8. River, don’t bite the hand that feeds you! She might poison you next time.

  9. Chef Boyardee? That is what you are defending?

  10. theerivs Says:

    @ Nora – If the poison adds a bit of flavoring I’m all for it.

    @ Mike – In Sherry’s house thats the head chef.

    @ Sherry – better bring a Vat more of estrogen.

  11. Thank you for your help Nora. I think we need to bring Robin in on this also. ROBIN!!!! Where are you?!?

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