Signs that he’s into you.

So #1 suggested to put some things up in the vain of the movie. He’s Just Not Into You.  Well I give you a few signs that if he showing them, more then likely he’s into you.  You might have some of your own to share, but here’s a few.

Obvious ones –

– He is paying attention to you – A little obvious but a big one.  Lets put it this way, a man who is “interested” is interested in you. What makes you tick,  and finds you exciting. If he is calling you, emailing you, making an effort that’s all a good thing.

– He tells you – Another obvious one, If a guy risks it, and tells you he’s interested. Odds are he is.

Not as obvious –

  –  He asks for your opinion – This means he values you, and may think you have skills, and or insight to which to improve his life. Say if he asks you what type of shirt to wear to a function, or an opinion on a dispute with a family member.

– If he compliments you, and the more specific, or bold the compliment the better he likes you. Let’s face it most men are not observent, and if they notice your toes are painted nicely, he’s into you…or way into toes.  Basically it’s easier for a guy to say, “I like your laugh” then to say “I like you.”

– He makes time for you – Most men divide their lives into work, family, friends, etc. If he is giving you time usually devoted for these other aspects of life, and if he starts sharing those aspects with you, say taking you to family functions then I’m pretty sure he’s into you.

– He actually turns up on time, and if he is late he calls you to tell you – This means he respects you.

– He calls for no reason – Men don’t call for no reason unless we are into a girl.

– His friends know all about you – He won’t tell his friends about you, or too much about you if he’s not into you, or you don’t do anything special with your tongue.


I found this on a website, and it makes perfect sense.

“If he’s into you, he will put you before drugs, alcohol, and porn. He won’t show up drunk at your house. He won’t try to pull you into his bad habits. He will want to be at his best for you. If he’s not willing to put you ahead of his drinking, then you’re already fighting a losing battle. ” – Kathy Reed- O’Gorman


So there you have it, some signs a guy is into you.


5 Responses to “Signs that he’s into you.”

  1. What if he shows up at my front door, naked, asking my opinion of his “new manscaping haircut,” then tells me that I have q killer rack? Does that mean he’s into me?

  2. Very interesting River! Sherry, your questions are also very interesting!

  3. theerivs Says:

    Hey you said you liked it!!!

  4. haha… you are crazy, River.

    So where are everyone else’s comments? Mike, I know you have something to say here. You ALWAYS have something to say…

  5. I’ve seen the movie and it is absolutely terrible for a variety of different reasons.

    If neither party is playing any games, then it should be blatantly obvious if there is interest. A guy will ask a woman out if he likes her. If he doesn’t then he is either 1) Not interested or 2) Has no balls. Either way, the woman shouldn’t lose any sleep over that guy. On a first date, again, it will be apparent if the interest goes beyond that initial physical attraction. By the end of that first date, both parties should have gotten all the pertinent information they need to and be able to determine how things are going to go from there. That goodnight kiss or first kiss or whatever will speak volumes. If there is no kiss, regardless of how nice the evening was, then odds are is that there is no spark.

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