Honor Thy Father

There is no other man who shaped my life more then this man, and no other man I love more in this world. My Dad has always been a larger then life character.  One of my earliest memories of him was one day it was started to rain real bad, I was scared to death of thunder. He forgot to roll up the car window, he went outside in his underwear. That made me laugh, and in my young mind I thought this guy is so not afraid of the storm, he just went out in his underwear. What is there for me to be afraid of?

When I was a boy, he would wake me up with this song by Louis Prima, “Grab your coat, and grab your hat, point your feet to the sunny side of the street.”  He never missed any of my football games, events, he was always there when I needed him, back then and now.  My life is filled with just fond memories of me and him. Watching the Bears together, or him dropping my Mom off at Olympic Star for work, he would get us Ice Cream Sandwiches, and we would watch Kolchak the Night Stalker together. When my Dad was a Cook County Sherriff, I remember he cuffed me and took my mug shot. The list can go on for a long time.

One of the guys I know from High School still buys me a beer everytime he sees me because my Dad has this corny thing he told him to do, and that’s what my friend associates getting his wife with. I won’t say what the corny thing was, cause I might use it someday as well.  The point I’m making is my friends loved my Dad as well. My Dad was unafraid of anything, he would treat everyone the same, black, white, mexican didn’t matter. Sure my Dad had his faults, but ya know what who doesn’t.

As much as I loved my Dad, there was always a little bit of fear there too, he did not spare the rod. It probably kept me out of alot of trouble that fear. The Deans of my High School loved calling him, because they loved to just talk to him, and the Deans knew I would get my just desserts.  I remember the Dean said to me, “I’m not giving you a detention, cause I know your Dad is going to punish you enough when you get home.”  Hell one time my Dad hit me in the Dean office, back handed me right there in front of them, but I deserved it. I ditched school. I never recieved a beaten I didn’t deserve. Although he was a huge supporter of tough love,  the big guy was softer then shit when it came down to it.

Now that I’m getting older the superhero is fading into old Age. At first it made me sad, but then I thought of it as a chance to pay back the man who has always been there for me, and loved me.

If my destiny is to be a father one day, I hope that I am half the father mine was.

My heart goes out to those who lost their father, or maybe never knew their father. To those who are a father, and doing the right thing, providing, and nurturing your family, enjoy your day….you deserve it.  Have a Happy Fathers Day.


5 Responses to “Honor Thy Father”

  1. That was nice. I’m too tired right now to think of any smart ass comments to post… but don’t worry, I’ll be back later. LOL

  2. The Super-Hero in our heart never dies,we keep him with us at all times.We remember when we were little,and he kept us safe at nite,and we remember when we got older and he told us that he would ALWAYS be there for us,no matter what…………..and then he WAS gone….but we do remember all that he did teach us……be good to your Family,they’re all you really have….be kind to those who aren’t as fortunate as you,as they may be able to help you someday……and just listen to your heart…and you will be a good person, and that I will always be proud of you ……that is a Dads love .

  3. So true Jude, thank you

  4. River, that was awesome! I have never cried reading your blog before but this was a good one. A few times I thought you were describing my own dad. (Not the whole Dean’s office thing, I never got a detention in my life.) I just wanted you to know that I thought that was a lovely tribute!

  5. theerivs Says:

    Thank you, and my heart does go out to your family. I know it will be rough.

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